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metaman metaman is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
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VAT question - charging people abroad

Hopefully a clever accountant can help me with this.

Firstly, I am a VAT registered Ltd company , and as I understand it any work I do for people or companies outside of UK does not have any VAT applied??

Secondly, I am about to embark on a job for a couple of English people who own a villa in Crete. They need my services, but are they counted as being in UK? The villa is in Crete and they spend the holiday season out there. How would this need to be billed? Is it a different story if they have officially emigrated?

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hirstys hirstys is offline
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We have

a fair few clients overseas. If the country is within the EU there are specific reguulations in that VAT can be charged in the recipients country.

I believe that there are sligh differences whether the sale is goods or services and where they originate from also.

Call the VAT helpline, its free and very helpful on such subjects.


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James Smith's Avatar James Smith James Smith is offline
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For your European sales, if the company you are selling to is VAT registered you will need to ask them for their VAT number. You then donít charge them VAT. If you donít get a vat number, you still charge the VAT.

For non European clients there is no VAT in either case.

Regarding your English couple in Greek, presumably they are not VAT registered so you will bill with VAT on. Its taxable in the UK period so just bill it just like anything else.

It sounds as if you are trying to run a company without any help or your accountant is not approachable for quick questions. Either way I would be pleased to help you on a more regular basis if you would like to get in contact.

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metaman metaman is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 2
Thanks for the reply, this is a service we are talking about.

So what would be the situation regarding USA. I recently did a job for an american company, and simply charged them without adding any tax/VAT

Thanks again

Edited - looks like we posted at the same time James, this answers the above

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