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Where have the DTI advisors been trained?

Hi all

I am just wondering where have the DTI advisors been trained because sometimes they look to know ... nothing.

Story 1 - August 2004

I have rejected part of the goods previously imported from Romania and I was prepared to send them back to the manufacturer. I called DTI to double check few things (being the first time when I did something like that) about what should I do: is this like an export or not, do I need a license or not ... you know things like this.

They were not able to answer my questions ... but they advised me to call ... the Romanian Embassy! What the h**l has the Romanian Embassy in London do with the rules and regulations made by the British Government I do not really know.

Story 2 - November 2004

I wanted to know if there is duty to be paid for some goods I would like to import from Romania. I called HMCE first and they gave me the DTI telephone number. So I called DTI again ... and I had the big surprise to be told that Romania is not in Europe. I know that Romania is not in the EU, but it is still in Europe and it is not in Asia or Africa ... The advisor insisted that Romania in not in Europe ...
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Hi Oliviu,

Sounds like you have been having fun!!

Its frustrating when so-called experts give wrong advice.

Maybe you would be better posting your importing questions here!

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Ken Ken is offline
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it sounds like a complete nightmare....i know the feeling.

I can suggest a couple of things though re figuring out whether you need to pay import duty on an item.

1/firstly,you have to classify the goods themselves in terms of their specific HS commodity code.Thisis a 6 fig no for goods travelling within the EU and8 digits travelling outside the EU.
To do this,you must go to the uk trade info website and look at the ICN online database.

These breakdown every single item into what material they're made out of etc and can get v v specific. Eg,8512 40 00 stands for a car wiper blade made out of plastic.

2/once you have the relevant HS code for the item you are thinking of importing you can look at the following website which tallies up the country you are importing from in terms of the specific item you are importing.Itwill give you the level of duty you need to pay (if applicable).Look in the'applied tariffs'section

From my own experience,I have found that when goods are being 'imported'from coutries within the EU ,they are inwhat is known as 'free circulation' ,whichmeans you don't have to pay import duty on top of the cost price (&VAT equivalent).
However,as Romania is not part of the EU (yet - which is why I am assuming the DTI person said they are 'not in Europe') ,it is still the case that import duties MAY apply,of course depending on the item you are importing (*and this is where you'll need to check using that HS code) .

good luck,

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Statler's Avatar Statler Statler is offline
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UK Trade and Investment may have been more helpful:

Shell LiveWIRE Team
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JayKay's Avatar JayKay JayKay is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Bedfordshire, UK
Posts: 383
Ken & Starsky:

Thanks for your replies.

Romanian is not part of EU but I told to that adviser: "I know that Romania is not in the EU but it is still in Europe ..."

However, I have sorted out the problem. There are no duty to be paid (but yes, VAT needs to be paid) for imports from Romania which has special agreements with the EU member states as it is expected to join the union by 2007.
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