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Does anybody have hosting with and are they any good?
Im currently with wanadoo and I am re-directing to my webpage held with them, obviously this doesnt look very professional and I think its time to make the move, other than this is there any other benefits of proper hosting.
Just one more thing is 1500 MB data transfer (bandwidth) per month a good amount?

Thanks for all your help.

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swhiting swhiting is offline
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I would recommend having a word with Phil from Openmind for hosting:

He's on the Shell forums alot and may be able to sort something good out for you!
S.Whiting (UK)

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Whether 1.5gb of bandwidth is good depends on what you're paying. For most brochure sites attracting a few thousand visitors a week this is plenty, but if you're attracting tens of thousands of visitors you may well struggle.

Unless you are streaming audio/video or hosting large files it is unlikely you will go above this amount, but it does no harm to look for somewhere that offers a little more bandwidth.


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Chris Reilly Chris Reilly is offline
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I own a host which offers free and paid services.

You may like to take a look at our forums here

You can see we have over 400 members and we are growing by the day.

We believe everyone is different and therefore has a personal preference to what they need when considering a host.

You are more then welcome to email sales@ (no spaces) for a quote.

Thanks and i hope we hear from you and hopefully others soon
Chris Reilly
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Phil Phil is offline
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I can offer a professional hosting service tailored to your needs. If interested then please drop me an email from the contact page of my site.

Phil Rae B.Sc (Hons)

netInspired - Website | Application | Database Development

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Hi Damon,

I'd be happy to help you out. 1.5GB of badwidth is a fair old amount and, as has been mentioned, unless you're serving up large images or music/video files then you're unlikely to exceed this.

Swhiting hit the nail on the head as I do have a cracking offer on that the moment but I don't want to spam the forum so drop me an email to info @ (no spaces) and I'm sure I can do something for you!
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I've not got hosting with 123-Reg, but use them as my domain registrar and they've always been good, so I can't see any problems.

For some hosting suggestions, take a look at:

1.5Gb (1500Mb) is a nice amount, but it depends on what you're offering, as said. Images, downloads and music will chew through that in no time, but for a mainly text-based site, no problems, and for most business sites, again, no problems.
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BizNess BizNess is offline
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I'd be happy to help you out. 1.5GB of badwidth is a fair old amount and, as has been mentioned, unless you're serving up large images or music/video files then you're unlikely to exceed this.
just as a measure I manage a site that has about 3500 visitors a month and it uses 2GB roughly - though i does carry a lot of pictures
The Devils Advocate!
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asherwood asherwood is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
Posts: 181 is the best I have found to date.

They may not be the cheapest and dont even compare to prices of servers hosted over in the US.

But they are a company which are well established, offer excellent support, and are not going to run off just as you have finished setting your site up on their server.
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Posts: n/a are fantasitc. Thats all I can say
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