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ntp ntp is offline
Join Date: Sep 2004
Posts: 3
Net This Property - A unique property advertising portal for private sales and lets

Hello to you all, CAN YOU HELP US!

Net This Property are an online private property sales and lettings portal based in east london. We specialise in advertising individuals property for private sale or rent on the internet. We multi list properties on a number of top property portals as well as our own. This increases exposure of the advertiser property and increase traffic back to our website.

We charge a one off fee for advertising space for private sales and lets. Our service is commission free and could save the sellers and landlords £1000's

We think our service is great value for money but no one has bought an advert yet.

We're a new business with little business experience and are looking for good sound advice as to how we can increase are sales, build consumer confidence, and ultimately prevent failure!

We are looking for people to advertise their properties with us for sale or rent. Properties for sale are advertised until sold and rentals are advertised for 1 whole year for a one off fee.

We aslo offer free advertising, general advice and advertising boards. We also have links to a number of property related services such as mortgages loans etc.

We would greatly appreciate if anyone could take the time to have a look at our new website and give us feed back on improvements.

How can we get those important sales we need. Does our service seem good value for money. Would you buy the service. Would you recommend this service. Any comments will be beneficial. We need help, and fast.

We are currently working on the presentation of the adverts themselves which we accept are not fantastic at the moment.

You can find us at

Thank you for you time

Kindest Regards

Net This Property Ltd
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eightpoint eightpoint is offline
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Posts: 63
Try breaking up your text heavy pages with images or additional pages.

Your content is good though Google has not indexed your site yet, you need to do a bit of SEO.

Frames is not the best of methods for your site, try CSS.

If you need some help on submitting to search engines, then send me an email/PM and I can point you in the right direction.
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ntp ntp is offline
Join Date: Sep 2004
Posts: 3
to eightpoint

Thank you for your comments.

We are thinking about doing some SEO but we are very new to this game and the quotes we have been given are way above budgets at this stage.

A price quoted was £300 per month is that reasonable?

We will be in contact for SEO advice soon. Otherwise did you think the site and service was good? and would you recommend us?

Thanks again for your time and we will be in touch for that SEO advice soon


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Martin Martin is offline
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Luton, Bedfordshire
Posts: 2,719

I'd echo eightpoints concerns with frames and SEO.

Using CSS will enhance your site greatly.

As for driving sales.

Enlist real Estate Agents to use your portal as a selling tool for them. Given a price/discount for large postings.

Also, (I only viewed 1 Advert) but the description of the property is poorly formatted.

By this i mean all the text is in one paragraph instead of being seperate description of each room/area.

Also provide links to, maps, schools and other travel details of the area the property is in. Alot of people these days purchase due to these elements.

All the best

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shredder shredder is offline
Join Date: May 2004
Posts: 55
I think your site looks ok, I dont believe any amount of tinkering with the site design will make the blindest bit of difference.

Your problem is how to persuade house buyers or landlords to pay you to list their property on the site.

I have spent a long time in the property industry and it is worth thinking about what makes a seller instruct one estate agent rather than another to sell their house/flat.

Successful Estate Agent do not sell houses they sell buyers. You are in a catch 22 no one will bother to spend the time listing their property on your site, even if it is free, unless it helps attract a buyer or a tenant, and no buyer will spend the time looking at your site unless you have a good choice of properties listed.

You are also in a very competitive market - every estate agent has a web site and there are many listing sites - e.g. this is successful because it has a lot of listings on it and is therefore worth spending time browsing as a result.

The site does not need to be well designed or complex to be successful - see under Flats/house - a very simple but effective site.

How do you get enough listings to persuade buyers to visit in the first place? - I think the only option is hard work - try focusing on 1 small geographical area, go round all estate agents and list all the properties you can find yourself - for free. Make sure you remove them when they are sold - Then do anything possible to tell every one in that area that your site lists all properties for sale / rent in that area and is THE place to look. Try sticking up lots of little dayglow stickers with the site name on it. Add some additional content e.g. links to sites about mortgages, surveyors etc, anything that is useful to a potential house buyer. Hire a student to write copy for you about the local property market. Make it a site people want to visit to find out what properties are on the market and what the market is doing.

Once you generate sufficient traffic sellers will want to list on your site - because you attract buyers. They will even be prepared to pay you to list. Then move on the the next area and repeat.

:-) only a thought.
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ntp ntp is offline
Join Date: Sep 2004
Posts: 3
Thank you for your comments.

We will be incorperating estate egents into this service soon initially for free and then for a very small fee.

We hope that this will improve things.


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