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skwiggle skwiggle is offline
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Packaging Supply & Delivery Companies - help needed


I'm wondering is anyone has any advice on packaging supply & delivery companies:

I've recently started up an art business, I'm currently selling on ebay but am planning to launch a web site in the next few months to expand the business.

I'm having two problems at the moment one is with packaging the work, at the moment its taking me over 1hr to wrap each painting for postage. I'd ideally like to have a custom sized box that I can ship the paintings in.

The paintings I'm selling are in two specific sizes 100cm x 100cm x 4.5cm and 100cm x 80cm x 4.5cm, at the moment I'm selling around 4 per week, I anticipate increasing this to 10 per week by the end of the year. At the moment I've tried e-mailing a couple of packaging companies but has so far not heard anything I think it's because the order size is relatively small.

The other problem is with the delivery of the paintings, at the moment I'm using Parcel Force which is ok for UK delivery but not too great for international delivery due to the tracking and compensation issues. I'm finding it very hard to find delivery companies which will deliver large items, I'd like to sell even larger paintings in the future but need a delivery company that will deliver them.

Has anyone got any contacts for delivery companies and packaging supplies that could help me out or any other advice would be appreciated?


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shamrocker's Avatar shamrocker shamrocker is offline
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Hi Oscar,

Find some local box makers and get quotes from them. It really makes the packaging easier and quicker. I sell golf clubs on ebay and have a large number of flat packed boxes that just need to be assembled using parcel tape when needed.

Not sure about delivery companies for delivering abroad. Possibly try Fed Ex or UPS. I know CitiLink are good with the UK but not sure if they do international deliveries.
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Clementine Clementine is offline
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You can't go wrong with TNT. Can deliver any sorts of packages nationwide on a variety of services. Also do internationals which they are pretty good at.

Can also print your own consignments notes and manifests on your own PC if that rocks your boat.

Check of if you're up for it.

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