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Rassic Rassic is offline
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Choosing corpoate colours

Dear all first post on this forum,

Our company at present uses purple/lilac for our website and black/white for everything else. We provide pet and property care services for people who are on their travels etc and we are trying to choose a colour(s) which will attract the customer and give them the feelings of trust, reliablity etc. According to the various sites dedicated to the subject of colour(s) marketing Blue would be our best choice for trust etc.

Please can I have you comments/advice on the our choice of blue(/white) and how you selected you own company colour(s) scheme.

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Eagle's Avatar Eagle Eagle is offline
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Hi there Rassic

Generally, blue is accepted to be authoritarian, dignified and corporate. It's also supposed to inspire trust and faith.

However, I peronally think that these days (in these media-saturated times) the public are so bombarded with imagery (TV, magazines, shopping etc) that traditional "colour psychology" has almost gone completely out of the window.

Hope this helps!

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natasha natasha is offline
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Hi and welcome Rassic,

I do believe that colour is important and i think it can say alot about your business.
I personally think that its not too much about the colour but the way in which it is presented and co ordinated.
Don't choose colours that clash, i think that which ever colour or colours you choose it should be carried all the way through the business and if you choose a number of colours the should all be co ordinated.

An example of really bad colours was this web site i visited it was a bridal dress website, and i thought that there would be really peaceful and classy colours like creams and golds just like there shop (my friend works there) and the shop is gorgeous.
But to my shock and horrior the colours they used was really dark green and dark blue the colours totally clashed, it was terrible, the site felt really cold and boring.

Well thats my opinion and i'm no expert.
Hope that helps and i like blue.

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kermey kermey is offline
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Why dont you look at your competitors sites and see what colours they use. Obviously dont copy but you may see a colour scheeme that reflects what you want to show.

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Rassic Rassic is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 15
Thanks to you all for the response.
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