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manuel manuel is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
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building managment teams

As advised by lee, i'm posting a message that started on the mentor pages!

Many thanks for any help/advice.


Hi my name is Manuel, I'm 24 and I'm what I guess you would call a serial entrepreneur as I've been running various projects for about 10 years with various degrees of succsess.

After looking back on some of my earlier project I can see that my main downfall would be that despite almost all of my ideas being potential winners, my lack of skill in the area tends to be overwhelming and lead to me being bogged down in the paperwork rather than concentrating on what I'm good at.

My latest project, would be based in the investment area but since all my formal training has been within the I.T. sector I'm confussed about where to even begin with all the red tape that is now employed in Investments.

While finding "some" startup money wouldn't be very difficult for me, I'm worried that I keep overlooking basic problems with the project and am reluctant to shell out huge amounts of cash for professional advice which would then fall at the first hurdle.

What I would like to do is chat to people who would be interested in becoming part of the managment team (even as non-execs) should the project ever happen as a strong management team is key.

So my two key questions would be:

How do I protect my ideas if i were to discuss them?

How would find people who might be interested in building a managment team? (with the correct experience)

Many thanks for any advice you might be able to give.

By Manuel - Added on: 25-06-2004 02:43 PM
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Adam Adam is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
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Hi Manual

Welcome to the forum.

You have raised the point that many of us find ourselves in but there are ways out!

Finding partners is not an easy thing on the forum, often because you have very headstrong people that do not always want to work together.

That said I have one thing going with Phil (Open Mind) and another with Dave (Nemesis) as well as putting business through to a number of people like Ben (Yet More) and soon Rachael (Blue Finn). There are others so sorry if I didn't mention you.

To answer your 2 questions

# How do I protect my ideas if i were to discuss them?

Someone on here will have a non discolure agreement you could either copy or use as inspiration. Basically the agreemnt says that you will not cheat each other but you may do well to put some rough idea about what is being discussed. The best thing though is to build raport until you feel comfortable with someone.

# How would find people who might be interested in building a managment team?

Post on the forum! As said above there are problems with this but after my 2 years on the board you do gradaully build teams. It can happen quicker as well. Try and give some idea in reply to me without giving too much and see if you get a bite.

Good luck.
Adam Fahn

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1nzvestor 1nzvestor is offline
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Completely agree with Adam.

There are also various networks that you can mingle in and possibly find future partners.

One of these is Ecademy, the others are Ryze and LinkedIn.

Several companies have launched partnering services on a subscription basis (ie

Business Development agencies like BusinessLink and StartUps may also be a good place to start.

Shoot me through a few details as I may have some of the attributes you''re looking for too, or may know of others who are in a similar position.

Above all, Network, and the right people will find you.
Glenn Watson
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