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Time Management

Here are some ideas i've found for time management

1) Try to earn your money in 15 working days per month – you will need at least 3 days business development and administration.
2) Sometimes, pressure creates creativity and your best work – don’t automatically assume that your time management is a problem, or that all of it has to be corrected.
3) Find out which tasks you are most resistant to, and put them at the head of your list. See Time Coach Mark Forster’s website and book for more information on this and plenty more.
4) Understand Critical Path Analysis (usually available within Project Management training) – that sequence of tasks that depend on one another and which dictate the shortest time the project can take.
5) Determine the priorities and milestones of your business or project and base your scheduling on that.
6) Explore Steven Covey’s Time Management Matrix (the Four Quadrants), in his Book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’
7) Try Project Kickstart software
8) Understand what your business needs to succeed.
9) Create artificial pressure.
10) Different types of tasks are best suited to certain times of day. Find out your personal style and adjust your schedule accordingly
11) Allow yourself sufficient time to do a good job – block out time in your diary if necessary.
12) Turn dull tasks into a game: use a timer to give yourself 5 minutes to clear up, for example – you’ll be amazed how much you can achieve. Or look for the fun or relaxation in entering receipts.
13) Be sure that you are the right person to be doing this task – it may be more productive to hire someone else to do it, even if it seems an unnecessary expenditure.
14) Be alert to taking on too many tasks, too much business.

Synergy favourites
1) Understand Critical Path Analysis
2) Find out the priorities – what is critical to the projects.
3) Faffing is the new Planning….
4) Use certain times of day for types of task
5) Block out time in diary for tasks.
6) Pay someone else to do things
7) Use a combination of anti-resistance exercises, critical path analysis and project planning.
8) Stop worrying about leaving things to the last minute.
9) Just say No.
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