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cmckay cmckay is offline
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Belfast, Co.Antrim
Posts: 424
Whats your thoughts?

In your eyes what do you think would be a worth while start up in terms of a website / business today? Say you had all the timed you needed, the expertise, the money and the know how... What would you start?

Just been thinking this evening and the internet is jam packed with every service you could think of, is it really? There must be something that will take of within the coming years?

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Phil Phil is offline
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: London
Posts: 944
if you have a good idea that's not beed done before - go for it.

but if I knew one, I wouldn't tell ya
Phil Rae B.Sc (Hons)

netInspired - Website | Application | Database Development

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software-europe software-europe is offline
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: London
Posts: 97
in a nut shell my thoughts are broad and varied....

but they start from Do You Really Expect To Have Promising Ideas
Broadcasted In Here Just Like That to Even If A Very Promising
Idea Is Put To You Will You Be The Right Person To See It

I'm very much known around my camp as an ideas guy. There
isn't a thing I haven't thought about or considered. I derive
concepts from actual identiable problems. Then work from their
upwards. I can definately say that most of the ideas I have come
up with to date are 1. No Where Near As Simple As Just Doing An
Online Shop and 2. No Where Near Possible To Execute With Only
A Handful of Semi-Capable heads.

As I am technically inclined (software architecture&design), I tend to end up yeilding ideas revolving around the implementation of
very clever software systems (though a very recent idea is hard-
ware based). I am not a fan of making "Internet Business" the
objective. The Internet is a channel. Not the model.

What is your background and where are your strengths anyway?
Because will impact on what kind of ideas you will be likely to
convert into a working venture.

Also, I noticed your common point about:

"Just been thinking this evening and the internet is jam packed with every service you could think of, is it really? There must be something that will take of within the coming years?"

No. 1 The MOST successful Internet businesses addressed existing PROBLEMS in society:

e-bay,ebookers,amazon,google,friendsreunited,egg,aut otrader

No. 2 The MOST sucessful Internet businesses were not unique
and out there elusive of any rivals or competition:

e-bay,ebookers,amazon,google,friendsreunited,egg,aut otrader

so as for 'every service' you can think off, move away from that
pillar of thought (i mean if you dont, and if people didn't, we
wouldn't have a general business forum dominated by web solution experts).

there are many problems you can choose to address. the simple
question is, can you provide a solution that outshines anything
you potential (and existing) competitors can?

I have MANY ideas but I find that its difficult to the the right people to make these ideas come to life. And there is a major
point in this. NOT ANYWAY could have made google happen.
The technology behind google is complex. Not anyone could
have made amazon, the money put in, the managements teams
list of contacts, and then the automated logistics are all key
barriers to entry.

Some of my very best ideas deal with major problems but require
significant technical aptitude to pull off. I've prioritised these and set about attacking each one, one by one. I've enough to keep me preoccupied until 2040.

I dont know what kind of things to you might be after but areas requiring attention today include:

(note: obviously these are my rejects, not so good ones)

I could sign an NDA with you an share some better ones, but I
would need to be at least convinced of your desire/ability to
assist or license the idea from me.

1. Recruitment Consultants (BUSINESS)
Unlike no other, this consultancy would only represent the
top 20% of the student/professional work force in all countries
of operation. This would attract business from all the top
recruiters in all countries of operation. And create a situation
where existing consultants would find it hard to impact on your
appeal to top-end employers. The company would ensure
all candidates are enrolled on value added courses for/in
speech/elocution, foriegn languages, carreer related skills,
and so on. JOBS are scarce. ALL companies want the BEST.
ALL companies would approach a company known to be
This WILL take off in the future. If its done by the right person.

2. Gold and Silver Metal Exchange (INTERNET)
A site with supporting infrastructure to enable the buying and
selling of gold and silver appraised by the companies reps.
Including online panoramic shots of pieces, IM messages
between buyers and sellers, online digital certificates for
pieces appraised, multi-lingual, multi-currency. A bit like
having an e-bay but NO ONE will trust e-bay to trade this
commodity. A seperate brand can dominate this area for
private transactions. Plus the market is massive for getting
gold/silver traders represented on the site. This would mean
trips to known gold hotspots such as Dubai which has the
seasonal gold sales... Commision would be coming out of
your years. TIGHT model needed. logistical/security partners
to sorted out, etc.
This WILL take off in the future - if its done.

3. Global Immigration System (INTERNET)
A an independant site presented with the help of global
governments providing information to people globally and
allowing them to make online enquires and applications for
asylum. The site would not be used by people at home as
such (at least not the application part) but from regional
centres authorised all over the world. e.g. embassies,
social government departments all over the world. The site
would also yield useful stats information and so on. Multiple
governments would use the system to address global
immigration and pay this company for ongoing use. The
governments needs to collaborate. Migration is a growing
problem. If you have a site like this utilising all the global
ID Card, biometric passport initiatives, this sight would be
hot property. Its a two part site. One part for access only
by government people. And the other citizens and civilians.
This WILL take off in the future.

4. Entertainment Demonstration System (HIGH TECHNOLOGY)
Technology allowing sites such as,, and so on to reliably and securely allow users to
demo content online. I'm talking about playing DVDs, music,
phones, GAMES (i.e. playstation games,etc over the net)
before purchasing.
This would enhace the buying process. This is a very good
idea and 100% possible, I've rejected it cos it came 14th in my
list but the games demoing side comes down to getting hold
of programmers who can write playstation (and other
consoles) emulation software to run WELL on a back-end
cluster (NOT EASY FOR MOST) then utilising the NetMeeting
protocol (or an even more complex one now out) to stream the
audio, video and gestures (mouse,joystick) using the lastest
compression protocols. music, DVD aspects are obvious.
This WILL take off in the future as bandwidth increases and
retailers want more ways to get people buying.
Imagine playing a playstation game online by double clicking
it, or using the latest Sony Ericsson PX online by double
clicking it. Or seeing clips of a film u want.
This level of retailer-oriented interaction can happen NOW.
And WILL happen within THREE years.

Imagine walking into a shop like TOPMAN/TOPSHOP. Your
given a little handheld gun thing. You walk around the shop.
None of the clothes on all the four floors have papers price
tags. Either they, or the shelfs, hangers they are on have
digital tags. The entire shop is hooked up to a clever central
system watching stock levels, consumer activity and daily
targets. Within the confines of set rules EVERY SINGLE price
tag in the shop is fluctuating. That is going up and down.
The gun is used to freeze the price tag at a level u have
managed to catch it on and you can purchase the item for this
price. Or many no gun, and each tag has a button on it
already. This system would allow a shop to offer shoppers the
best possible prices at anyone time based on the entire
retail situation within the store. So if TOPMAN sales two boots
at £60 within 2 minuts. The £10 shades infront of me might
drop to £6 in front of my eyes. Allowing me to freeze the price
for 5 minutes and purchase it at the counter. Sounds crazy
but i have these type of crazy thoughts too.
Personally, I see a market for something like this.
RIGID PRICING IS bull*hit. And this will work if its done by the
right people. The system would be sold to retailers and
extended to work ONLINE!!!! FLOATING PRICES!!!!!! U HEARD
IT here first.....
This WILL take off in the future. WHY? COS............
RIGID PRICING IS bull*hit. if the system can do what is does
ME HANDLING IT) then it would work wonders for end of they
profits. Cos the £40 made on two boots would add £4 made
from the glasses (which we are now happy to see go) instead
of £0 cos the £10 was too expensive.

So Like i said CMCKAY, look at problems. There are MANY.
REPITION is NOT A PROBLEM.... quality and execution is.

on technology it is VERY POSSIBLE. But it aint just the tech.
that matters. google is now solving peoples problems. if they
keep up with the criticsm and address these then they can
stay on top. BUT dont be fooled, the crown IS THERE for
microsoft to take if they can present a better solution.


(tech. wise or business model wide....) REPLY ME.....
most things are now techniquely feasible, only

REPLY ME.... this aint about just money however, its about
credible track record and management experience too....

there are loads of problems needing solving..... but as well as
the ideas, the money and APPROPRIATE team is needed to deal
with the execution..... i'm learning this the hard way.....
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Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Birmingham, UK
Posts: 1,497
innovation isnt necessarily the key to success

I don't think a business idea has to be new and innovative one to succeed - I think its irrelevant whether it's been done before, as there is plenty of room left in many industries for more businesses to join and be successful.

I think many startups get caught up in finding something new and fresh and revolutionary - however it's best to do something you enjoy and are committed to above all considerations - as starting and running a business is hard work involving long hours and lots of stress.

To cope with the pressure you have to really want it, and it doesn't matter whether it's been done before, as long as there is room for another business in that industry - and I don't think there are many industries that are so saturated there isn't room for one more.

You will be most successful at something you really want to do, whether innovative or not.


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kermey kermey is offline
Join Date: Sep 2003
Posts: 387
Re: innovation isnt necessarily the key to success

Originally posted by VLAHAKISA
it's best to do something you enjoy and are committed to above all considerations - as starting and running a business is hard work involving long hours and lots of stress.
Exactly my thoughts.

I sometimes wonder when i read these threads about "I want to set up in business - give me some ideas!".

I started web design because ive been doing it for a 5 years as a hobby and people suggested i could earn a living from it. But I think you sort of need experience in, and a love or passion, for the industry your moving into imo.

Take VISA/Mastercard in muliple currencies. £26 setup fee. 2Checkout have processed over $100M in transactions!
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bluescreen bluescreen is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Dec 2002
Posts: 15

I am intrigued about your gold and silver exchange, are you talking about a wholesale exchange dealing in bullion or a site dealing in gold and silver products. If it is the former then how would it differ to the London Bullion Market, I would presume you would deal in smaller quantities or be like a secondary market.

I would be interested in discussing this idea with you further if you have the time.

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JG_MW JG_MW is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Posts: 46
There are already similar sites out there, maybe not exactly the same.

I was offered a job at about 4 years ago but turned it down for a better offer.


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software-europe software-europe is offline
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: London
Posts: 97
Mr bluescreen,

unfortunately i'm replying you in a rush, but simply
the concept (as opposed to 'my concept') stems from
the observation that lots of people are out there buying
gold and silver products (i dont mean raw metals). i mean
necklaces, chains, pendants, ear rings.

the idea would be to manage transactions (as opposed to
relationships between those involved in transactions).

So users would in effect be able to log on (in confidence)
and browse gold, silver, stone products from around the
world (company appraised products only) and buy and sell

Before most products end up in H Samual, Elizabath Duke,etc,
etc, serious mark ups are added.

This idea has not been thought about in depth by me, simple
as i'm not persuing. But I believe the road is clear for this
idea to be taken forward and made successful.

In dubai i saw tons of gold and silver being sold. The problem
with this is they are paraded in person in Dubai and not globally
on the net, where demand for such products would be amazing.

It was just an idea.

Its for you guys if u like the sound of it to figure the rest.

But my initial thoughts revolved around high-definition shots
of pieces in 3D (ie. u could zoom right into pieces and look at
them online), a network of reliable, appraised suppiliers
represented online (remember not raw gold bars, PRODUCTS)
and the infrastructure to provide security and confidence.
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Adam Adam is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Leighton Buzzard
Posts: 1,809
I am very much with Software Europre on this although I wish his lines of text went accross the WHOLE page!

I have had so many ideas that have been done by others and made millions. That is not to say they stole the idea or that I could have done it myself.

The problem is in getting the people together that are dedicated and whos first question is not "what will pay me".

If all my ideas, and I take them forward to a full business plan with models and scenarios etc so they are not just ideas, were to come off I would be a billionaire by now.

Life is 5hit but what can you do?
Adam Fahn

Vending Solutions from
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cmckay cmckay is offline
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Belfast, Co.Antrim
Posts: 424
Firstly let me say, this thread wasnt aimed at me getting ideas to make money or anything like that, my hands are full unfortunatly

But anyway...

Some interesting points there made by you all. Some of the ideas from Software Europe, especially the Pricing system, are excellent and very well thought!

Interesting to say the least!
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software-europe software-europe is offline
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: London
Posts: 97

not 'but anyway', what was your aim?

and what sort of things were you maybe
looking into??

I remember all you lot were talking about
some kind of co-operative/open-source
(incorrect term anyway) business....

its an intriguing concept? but on the back
of what? really good ideas and corres-
ponding talent is needed to make such
a thing work?

are people bold enough to put some
ideas on the table, regarding what
kinds of things they are looking into,
need help with, etc, etc..

and YES, this is a blatant request for
you lot to divulge....

so i'll start by declaring that aside from
the mobile telecoms software my business
writes, i am working on two solutions
to two 'identified problems' (5% of my

1. software piracy.
2. credit card fraud.

i've consulted individuals along the way
at universities....

the first idea is mathematics intense...
the second electronics...

so if any of you here are gifted in those
areas, u may know more.

maths-wise, i'm talking to crytography
and coding level.

electronics-wise, i'm talking ASICs, FPGUs and low-power IC integration.

also, what do u people think about
managing large ideas? e.g. some of the
very good internet business ideas i have could not be realised by one or two people and would take a while to
kick off?? major scalable back ends
(EJBs, SOAP, CORBA) with flexible
middleware (XML, COCOON, XSP),
multiple languages and innovative
front end (FLASH, XSP, XHTML, *)?

*i also heard about a technology where
the front end is still web based but
resided on your desktop. its faster and
more dynamic is a java thing)

is there a way one can 'manage' such
projects damanding projects/ideas more effectively?
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Adam Adam is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Leighton Buzzard
Posts: 1,809
I am working on a credit card fraud prevention "algorithm".

I am a week or two off of a patent or other protection so perhaps we can work together after that?
Adam Fahn

Vending Solutions from
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software-europe software-europe is offline
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: London
Posts: 97

an 'algorithm' implies software...

or perhaps a broader set of rules (or
a framework).....

what do u know about patent costs?

and coverage issues?

worldwide? europe? US? UK?

and within the context of fraud, i assume

your aware of the reasons (causes/problems) that allow fraud to
take place....

do u believe transactions can be made
secure simply by software?

guess we might chat, after you handle
your business over there...

my current solution is 3 years in the
making and aint scheduled to make
daylight until around 2008/9.

i'm also trying to let this chip and pin
rubbish ride out. it works quite well,
but i guarantee that ID theft, internet
fraud, atm fraud and others will all
persist and get worst over time.
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cmckay cmckay is offline
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Belfast, Co.Antrim
Posts: 424
I basically started this thread to see what your thoughts were with regards to what you think will take off within the next few years etc..

At the minute I run a business that offers various Web & IT Solutions, this takes a lot of my time. However I am currently working on to other projects. One of them being an online portal for the part Belfast I live in. This however is only a project and not intended to make money.

As for what im looking into, well, as in my previous post I havent all that much time on my hands and if I were to get invloved in anything it wouldn't be that big.
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Marketeer Marketeer is offline
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: UK
Posts: 266
Friend of mine works in the anti-fraud software business and says that even though the large banks and credit card companies have the opportunity to invest in software that would dranatically decrease the fraud that goes on, they are unwilling to do so.

One wonders why. But, relating to this thread, it would seem that any algorithm may be already out there somewhere (at least something similar) but simply not being taken up by those you would expect to bite your hand off.

Good luck anyway Andy.

And cmckay, why shouldn't the portal bring you in some money? Advertising and the like may be a useful source? Perhaps, if built up good enough, companies may pay to register their info. There is also the chance that it becomes THE place to find out about Belfast! You can but dream.

You'll be lucky to find an easy, quick-fix way to riches.
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