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Google Adwords

Hey guys,
Im working on a marketing budget for a new project and Ive realised I have no idea at all about how much to budget for google ad words and/or facebook ads.

Those anyone have any experience or knowledge when it comes to investing in ads for these platforms?

Thanks in advance,
Claud WIlliams
Claud Williams
Founder of Dream Nation
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JonSD JonSD is offline
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That's a very broad question lol. The main thing to consider is the lifetime value of the customers that you are acquiring. For example if you cost per click on a FB is 0.5, you have 100 clicks but only 10 sign up. It's cost you 5 per lead, as long as the lifetime value is higher you're onto a winner.

If I were you I would use FB ads to laser target your niche. Set a modest daily budget, work to try and get a high click through rate then change to CPM payment, that will make it cheaper in the long run.

If you are using FB ads set up a fan page and use sponsored stories cos the clicks will be cheaper.

Hope this helps, as I said it's quite a broad subject.

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As Jon rightly points out, it's difficult to gage how much you should spend. However, what is essential is ensuring that the return you get is worthy of the investment.

We use google adwords and probably spend 100 - 150 pcm, but we get a decent return from that in terms of the number of enquiries we generate. If we convert one lead a month is covers the cost of the advertising.

However, I know people who have spent hundreds of s on google adwords with no enquiries generated. This was largely due to poor geographical targeting. However, it proves you have to know what you are doing and be careful with budgets etc.

If the money spent on advertising generates sales and more importantly profit, you'll be happy to spend more until you reach the point of saturation!
Dan Smith
M4 Property Consultants - Providing Commercial Property Advice to Businesses & Landlords
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howoodra4 howoodra4 is offline
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Hi im fairly new and just need some ad

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tomstables's Avatar tomstables tomstables is offline
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Before spending anything, it'd be worth looking at what you want to achieve and what the goals are. Without knowing the product/service, it's tricky to advise. Would the time and money be best spent finding the conversations on Twitter or LinkedIn? AdWords are great for a spike in traffic, but how will you convert them?

I'm a big fan of seeing how seeing how organic search evolves before applying PPC strategies - again, it entirely depends on the product/service/objective.

As others have said, if you go down the PPC route, be sure to target effectively and, once that's done, make sure you're driving them to the right area of your site.

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Scott-Copywriter Scott-Copywriter is offline
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It depends entirely on what you're selling. If you wanted to start off small for testing purposes, you could budget 20 a day if the CPC was small, but if the CPC was 3-5 (rare, but it happens), then that 20 would be sucked up without any meaningful results.
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