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JWerper JWerper is offline
Join Date: May 2012
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Any info on

Hello. I'm in search of ways to improve my business and think that it will be great to get contract with government. I know it is hard and I think that I'll need some help with this issue.
After some research I've found which is offering help, does anybody know them?
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McAce McAce is offline
Join Date: May 2012
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You know I think that you will spend a lot of time for doing that yourself. You will need to learn a lot of stuff, make a lot of steps in order to get contract with government. And then during 5 next years you will forget what is needed to be done to get that again. If I were in your shoes I would hire professional to do that for you. Last time I have seen offer reasonable rates. So you can check.
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Ian J Ian J is offline
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Oddly enough the same question was asked by "Bortle" on the Startups forum using exactly the same wording and even more co-incidentally it was answered today by Exter again using the exact same wording as "McAce" on here.

As a moderator on Startups I have deleted the spam on there

invoice discounting, factoring and trade finance broker
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