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Where to go for advice

Hello all,

I have a fairly vague idea for a business I'd like to start - cookery classes, but I'm at a loss as to how I should progress this idea.

I believe that Business Link no longer exists, so is there any other organisation or such that I can contact to talk through my idea with, and who can point me in the right direction of how to pursue this?

It's what I consider to be operational 'stuff' that I need help with, such as how to find and secure a venue, how to find staff, what insurances I'd need etc.

Any advice at all would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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dan_plan's Avatar dan_plan dan_plan is offline
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Hi Samantha.

Where are you based?
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lordlancaster lordlancaster is offline
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Business Link & National Enterprise Network

Originally Posted by S212 View Post
I believe that Business Link no longer exists
Hi Samantha, this is incorrect. Business Link does still exist but they've scaled back their operation and are now delivering much more help through a revamped website and call centre service.

Take another look at to see what's on offer.

Also, the National Enterprise Network website has a handy Google map showing where all the local, independent business support organisations can be found. See if there's someone near you at: http://www.nationalenterprisenetwork...iness-support/
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andrewpallett's Avatar andrewpallett andrewpallett is offline
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I remember reading in one of Richard Bransons books that if he was considering getting into a new industry or starting a new business, he would find someone who has done it or is doing it and talk to them about it. I think you'd have to contact someone who wasn't working on or near 'your patch' but I'm sure they would have a lot of great advice!


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amac's Avatar amac amac is offline
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Can I ask, have you worked as a chef or cook before? If you haven't, might be worthwhile for some time at least; you could earn money and more importantly, meet a co-founder.
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Originally Posted by S212 View Post
I believe that Business Link no longer exists
eek, hope not as I work in my local branch two days a month

As above, let us know what food handling experience you have
That would pretty much be essential
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