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Renewable Energy

I have some ideas that are not being used at the moment (unless I am mistaken?) but they all SHOULD BE!!!

1. "Street Heat" - Imagine a row of 25 terraced houses on each side of a street, all with there own heating system (that's 50 central heating boilers!!!)

Now, picture this...... 1 Large Industrial boiler situated in a close convenient locaton providing 50 houses with boiling hot water. Each house has a pipe that is connected to there heating system, therefore replacing each individual boiler. Every property pays into the scheme each month at a fixed price (which would obviously need to be cheaper than their current energy bill) and it includes a maintenance charge. Surely this would be far more efficient than having 50 individual boilers running at any one time??

2."Train Track Electricity" - This idea is based on a dynamo generator type method which would generate electricity from the kinetic movement of a train. Basically, it is a device that is fixed to rear of a train and is in contact with the track. There would be a wheel that goes round when the train is in motion and would generate electricity via the dynamo/generator concept. The electricity could be stored in batteries on the train, which could be used to power the electric motors/lighting etc or it could be sent back to the Grid via overhead cables running along the top of the train.

The same concept could be used on cars/buses/trucks etc but the energy could be stored and plugged in to your house/depot at the end of the journey.
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