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chellac chellac is offline
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Biz Angel Finance sought


I am trying to take my idea from the planning stage to something more concrete. This means I am looking for some money for Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar from a Biz Angel.

My idea involves a low volume high value electronics and software product. The project is largely expenditure bound for 12-24 months and I have already made a submission for more substantial funding to Government, although I believe, I have a good chance at attracting other stakeholders into the project.

This project has and will take 100% of my time and as a result I am not able to finance it through all the other usual early phase methods for obvious reasons (no job/no salary).

The type of finance I think is suitable at this stage would be a loan at a more competitive rate than can be found on the high street with repayment deferred by 6 or 12 months. Although I would be interested in hearing alternatives that can support someone for 4 months and can be expedited within 1 or 2 weeks.

If you would like to discuss this further then do not reply to this thread, please use the message facility instead.

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James Smith's Avatar James Smith James Smith is offline
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"The type of finance I think is suitable at this stage would be a loan at a more competitive rate than can be found on the high street"

"with repayment deferred by 6 or 12 months"

"that can support someone for 4 months"

So lets get this right, you are looking for an unsecured loan with a bullet repayment at some distant point without any known income source, to cover your own living costs, and you want all of this at less than the bank will lend to you at?

This is totally unrealistic, you need to spend your energies on another plan rather than chasing rainbows!
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