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August Grand Ideas Shortlist Announced

The following youg entrepreneurs have been shortlisted for the August Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards:

Ravi Agravat (Drive Leicester), Leicester

Drive Leicester (DL) is a user friendly website providing a platform for young, ‘to be’ learner drivers from Leicestershire, to identify which driving instructors they should learn with. With over 250 driving instructors in the area, many still choose their driving instructor through word of mouth. We offer prospective learner drivers an opportunity to search for their local driving instructor on our bespoke Google API map, view driving instructors’ personal profiles and testimonials and to print off practice driving routes.

Alex Barton (Student Designers), Aberdeen

Graphic design students are desperate to build their portfolios, develop their business skills and earn money, while businesses are continually looking for great design at a great price. Student Designers is a unique web-based enterprise which fulfils these needs in two ways: Businesses post a design brief and a prize fund for which design students compete. The business chooses the winning design, and the student designer wins the prize fund. Student Designers also helps students’ development by creating online learning resources which provides a more palatable enterprise and entrepreneur message for students of creative subjects.

Conrad Thornton (Green Street Media), Sheffield

At Green Street Media we offer an alternative to traditional, carbon heavy advertising methods. Using nothing but clean water, we etch clean adverts onto high-streets and pavements across the UK. We are currently working with several large brands including The University of Sheffield, and more over coming months to implement clean advertising for their brands. We have a highly innovative concept with market testing already proving a strong demand for our services. We are changing the advertising landscape whilst encouraging cleaner, greener living. Beyond this we also pledge to donate 10% of all of our profits to to show our commitment to sustainability.

Alun Davies (Deeg Consultancy), London

We are a technical software development consultancy with a unique working methodology. Recently, I realised there is a wealth of untapped resource available in the development industry, in the form of the unused time and expertise of its members. Many developers in full-time employment, who are amongst the industries brightest, are keen to continue to use their skills outside office hours to earn additional income. Similarly, there are a vast number of freelance developers/designers, technical university students and so on that have the required skills and drive but are without the resources required to secure large-scale projects. I have created an online platform, known as the Cloud, which allows these individuals to offer their services according to their preferences (e.g. working hours, rates), to be married with suitable projects won and managed by the deeg Cloud in-house team.

Gemma Ford (Love Yoga Online), Cornwall

Love Yoga Online is an online yoga learning resource The products for sale are high quality yoga video classes featuring a variety of yoga teachers from the UK videos are available either by individual download similar to iTunes for music or subscription to the ever increasing library with access to all videos I am making the videos with a production team and a team of yoga teachers using the stunning Cornish scenery to its full potential. There is a wealth of supportive information on yoga do s and don ts how to live healthily and many more related topics which is accessible for free Social networking within the site is offered to members The business is sustainable because the products are relatively cheap to make and once each video is complete it can be sold again and again and again Unlike manufacturing clothing or DVDs once each item is sold it has gone in this case each video can be sold as many times as you can imagine with a global reach.

William Harmer (Moobia Recruitment Ltd), London

Moobia is a new graduate recruitment website offering employers a unique way to source and indentify graduates for highly targeted jobs.At the heart of our product is a distinctive pay-per-CV business model. With Moobia employers post jobs and view graduate CVs (without contact details) for free. Once the employer decides to download the full CV (with contact details and with the graduates permission) then they are charged a fee. To source graduates, Moobia offers the opportunity for university clubs and societies, graduate bloggers and Twitterers to become Moobia affiliates. Affiliates encourage graduates to sign up to the Moobia site. In return, if one of these graduates has their CV downloaded, Moobia pays the affiliate a percentage of the fee they receive

Leah Miles (Leah Miles Jewelery), Cornwall

The business designs and makes one-off and batch produced pieces of sculptural paper jewellery as well as working to commission utilising my award winning and unique process. I offer an original product to the discerning customer by using found sheet papers (layered and sculpted to reveal colour and text) combined with precious materials such as metals, pearls and silk. The work is very innovative and of a high standard, both artistically and technically. I can work to client specification (also using paper personal to the client) providing a bespoke service.

Matthieu Phillipault (MBP Concepts), London

MBP Concepts Ltd is a product design company that is currently developing ‘Tyligo’, an innovative multipurpose and folding trailer for the automotive market. From motorbike to camping equipment, jet skis to bicycles, small boats to kayaks and many more, the Tyligo trailer covers each niche of the market thanks to a wide range of accessories which can be mounted on it to suit the user’s needs. After use, Tyligo can be folded to be only 70cm wide. As such it is an ideal size to be pulled through a door for storage in a shed or garage, solving the major problem with existing trailers on the market. Tyligo is a multipurpose trailer, meaning that the user needs to only buy one trailer to accommodate all the different loads they wish to transport. This one-product-fits-all approach reduces the need to own (and hence manufacture) multiple products for similar purposes. Tyligo uses considerably less material to produce than a standard trailer. It is smaller and lighter, which promotes better fuel economy on the road, and is also easier to transport from the factory as more can be fitted into one container.

* 1 minute elevator pitch videos from each of the 8 candidates will be posted soon in the 'My Business Kit' section of this site so that Shell LiveWIRE members can vote for their favourite.

Think you've got a Grand Idea for a new business or project? Apply online for the chance to win £1,000 at

One award each month is sponsored by NCGE (National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship) as part of their FlyingStart programme for graduates.
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alun02's Avatar alun02 alun02 is offline
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Looks like a great list - good luck to everyone else! The last idea from Matthieu looks particularly interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing the pitch for that one.

Alun Davies
deeg Consultancy

The Technology and Social Media Consultancy

Many thanks to all who helped us win a Grand Ideas award for February 2011. Some of the great guys who helped can be found on The Great deeg Ark-Builders List!
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leahmiles leahmiles is offline
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I agree with Alun- tough competition indeed!

Good luck everyone!

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alun02's Avatar alun02 alun02 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 74
I'm also reliably informed that this was the most hotly contested month this year so ... go us!
Alun Davies
deeg Consultancy

The Technology and Social Media Consultancy

Many thanks to all who helped us win a Grand Ideas award for February 2011. Some of the great guys who helped can be found on The Great deeg Ark-Builders List!
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arachnica arachnica is offline
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We're very excited to have been shortlisted this month. If anyone needs any extra info just contact us via Twitter, email or this forum.

All the ideas look very exciting and definitely all worthy "grand ideas"! Good luck.
Moobia Recruitment Ltd
A new way to find a graduate job
Twitter: @moobia_will
tel: +44 (0) 208 123 2143
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katpattison's Avatar katpattison katpattison is offline
Starting Out
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Good luck to everyone shortlisted this month!
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florenceij's Avatar florenceij florenceij is offline
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I can see some nice innovative product ideas. Good luck to everyone.
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raviagravat raviagravat is offline
Join Date: Jul 2010
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Good luck to all short listed applicants!

We're grateful for the opportunity to pursue our idea! We've tried something a bit different with our video!

Lets hope it pays off!

Good luck to all,

Ravi Agravat
Driving Lessons Leicester

Last edited by raviagravat; 09-09-2010 at 10:10 PM. Reason: additional information
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jeh00005 jeh00005 is offline
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Great to see some Cornish companies :-) Jodie
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TyligoTrailers's Avatar TyligoTrailers TyligoTrailers is offline
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Such a great opportunity to be part of the final!

While we work on our website do not hesitate to contact me via email if you've got any questions about the product!

Wishing good luck to the 7 fellow candidates also shortlisted for this month award!

RE: ALUN02 message
Thanks for your interest! Hopefully the video will give you a better idea of what it is all about! All the best for your entry!
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