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Recruitment Software


I m looking for different softwares regarding recruitment .Any one from recruiting industry can share his/her experiences.

waiting for replies
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Please could you provide more details?
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Although there probably is software out there, I'd bet that most agencies just use something like ACT or else a custom database.

Are you a specialised or bulk -type agency? If specialised then you would (or should) be familiar with your candidates/jobs and wouldn't need the CV analysis/search software that the bulk agencies use. In any case, it's simple to search PDFs or .doc/.docx files using either some VBA from an access fronted db or using appropriate libraries with a php/mysql interface/db...


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carolinem's Avatar carolinem carolinem is offline
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I'm with Chris - it depends a bit on how you want it to work.

For example, if you were recruiting for 40 call centre positions you would probably need to have 200 candidates apply to get enough good quality ones to put into positions. You don't want to be phoning each one up, logging their CV in a file, then calling them back to do a phone interview, followed by a pre-qualification interview and then a proper face to face interview... Phew, I'm knackered just thinking about all that!

I'd say you want some way of the candidates answering a set of questions that pre-qualify them for the role, attaching their CV, their contact details in the right format to do form letters/emails and that you can either accept/reject based on their answers. You could use something like or for this.

If it's more of a bespoke finding candidates who fit the exact profile which is highly specialised, this sort of approach wouldn't necessarily work.
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