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Mannies top five tips to page one googel

we take into account in SEO training is the use of a proper internal and external; backward linking strategy of the website. An internal linking structure is how you can guide a search engine spider around the site easily and effectively. The most common form is the use of text navigation menus or links on each page of the website. Backward links are extremely beneficial to your search engine promotion campaign, as a search engine spider can easily navigate around the site and access all the other pages on the site rather than just coming into the one page and being stuck on it and then leaving your website. The backward linking also needs to be put in place as it can improves the way in which a search engine would position or rank the site calculating the keyword anchor text links. The more relevant external links you have in place going to the relevant sections of your website the more beneficial it is to your website promotion as a whole. This is because search engine spiders can easily come to your site from various locations and visit the site and view the content more often. We go through how linking for external and internal links should be put in place during our SEO training sessions for your most effective online media solution.

Another useful tip for seo is getting listed on the Google maps. When geographical searches are done the Google maps appear at the top of the organic search results on page one Google. The beauty about the maps is they are free thus one of the best seo tools around.
Google offers you an opportunity to be listed on page one above the natural listings at no cost, what seo technique can beat it. There is a procedure to follow and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. The maps is a good opportunity to corner the page one results getting most out of your seo campaign. Should the competition not be using the Google maps as an seo technique then you could appear within the maps almost instantly, no waiting around.

Below are seo tips covering the basic seo steps required for your website to get found in the natural search results

The first step when carrying out SEO on your website is to define which keywords or search terms you would like to be found under. We help you with the keyword selection and you approve the final list of search terms you want to target for your seo campaign. Keyword sources generally tend to include search tools such as Google adword keyword checker, overture and obvious keywords relative to your business. Most clients generally tend to already have an idea what they need to target for the SEO campaign and we elaborate further using the seo tools provided by Google.

Keyword selection is imperative for SEO and can often decide how effective your seo promotion will be long term. If the right keywords are targeted you will receive better conversions through your website.

Keyword grouping involves an analysis into the keywords which have been agreed you for the SEO package. This SEO process is to define which keywords are to be targeted on certain pages within your website. An old method many SEO companies use is to create a new page targeted for each keyword. Due to Google algorithm changes a more efficient way is to group keyword variations together and target these phrases across one optimized page. This reduces the risk of content repetition across a website which is essential for successful seo promotion. It is important to target key phrases on website pages with a relevant theme. For example if a keyword 'marketing' was optimized on a web page called 'web design', it will be a lot more difficult getting to page one in the organic search for 'marketing'. Try and call the web page a top phrase that variations can be written up in the body of text to compliment the web page name.

We create unique content based on the agreed keywords for your SEO campaign. The content generated is then placed onto relevant pages on your site. We ensure not to spam the keyword density of the keywords targeted as over optimizing can have an adverse affect on your search engine ranking. Unique content plays an important part in seo as should the content appear anywhere else on the internet Google refer to this as 'mirroring' and could result in no positioning depending on how much content is copied on your website.

There are areas with your web page layout to please the key terms you are targeting that makes your web page layout stronger than if they were not in place.

These areas are titles tags, meta tag descriptions, meta tag keyword placements, alt tags, headers (h1 h2). Ensure you do not repeat yourself page to page when placing in the coding of your web pages. To be stronger than the competition it is essential that every page in your website reads differently. The more specific you are when implementing these seo techniques the easier it is not to repeat yourself.

Backward links are internal links and external links. Internal linking is favored by the search engine spiders as they know they can trust the source, your own website as opposed to external linking. External links are governed stringently now by Google due to all the link farms used by unethical programmers and the difficulty in governing them. To appear high in the search results is not about budget, it is about what clever seo techniques are implemented for your website. Backward keyword anchor text linking plays a fundamental part in your website appearing on page one in the natural search results.

Website development is key for long term success in the search engines. Using the seo tips provided, you will need to keep adding new web pages, building folder structures around your targeted search terms and linking them together with the key phrases is key for seo to be a success.

To find out how to do this please feel free to mail me and i will be happy to help
i dont hide anything i belive in telling people how to sucssed at the end of the day we all need to start some were

Mannie Laverty
Business Graphic Designes Ltd
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mannie's Avatar mannie mannie is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: essex
Posts: 29
I would like to point out that this will only work if you website is set out in the right way with the right format please let me now if you want more info then let me no as i do have some more info that may suit your site better but without looking at it i dont know
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mannie's Avatar mannie mannie is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: essex
Posts: 29
also please note that to get page one it can take upto a year as it is all about playing with the right keywords and page format to make this work
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TurboLemonMedia's Avatar TurboLemonMedia TurboLemonMedia is offline
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It's worth mentioning DMOZ ( If your web folk or SEO folk haven't submitted your site to DMOZ, tell them to do so. And chide them a little for not doing do already (throw a tut in there if you have to).

DMOZ entries are verified by humans to ensure they're real and what they say they are. It's because of this that (a) it takes so long to get listed in DMOZ and (b) Google love DMOZ for this.

And kudos to - we use this to benchmark our performance.

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The Homework Factory The Homework Factory is offline
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A decent list of tips for SEO. As for DMOZ, it does take ages but it is worth it.
For backlinking, social bookmarking and forums are king.
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