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ash84 ash84 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 59
Feeling enthusiatic.

I've been doing more research (In fact I don't seem to have done anything else for quite a while) and I came across the following website.

Whilst the initial design is not quite to my taste it has all the options I require in terms of putting a PC together (although IMO perhaps a few too many options).

The interesting things is. I can absolutely destroy the prices they are offering. And I mean destroy them.

They actually want you to pay £15 to be able to phone them for support!

I've got some interesting (and I feel original, ish) marketing and advertising ideas. Some of the advertising streams I've thought about would be perfect I feel.

I'm feeling really positive and excited about this.

What are my USPs? (EDIT: Not all are entirely 100% unique but the combination definately is)

Better or same prices as competitors for a better comfiguration of equipment.

Two year RTB warranty (free carriage and only one year for everyone else I have seen)

Memory Card Reader built into all PCs

Only branded, reliable components (including PSU, an often underlooked but essential component) in all machines

None stock CPU cooling (improve cooling and noise reduction)

Upgraded/increased number of intake/extraction fans for increase airflow/cooling and reduced noise (120mm fans)

Free 0800 support number

Machine provided will all current updates installed (most have the most recent service pack but no updates released since then which you have to do yourself)

No Junk/spyware (as per the horrific amount of rubbish you get from Dell PCs)

Useful Application Installs.
I will pre-install any common applications for you (providing it is your wont) such as.
VCL Media Player
Open Office
adobe reader

Introduction pack Including
How to set up your PC (leaflett)
How to care for and maintain your PC (leaflett)
Introduction letter (including contact details, warranty information, serial number etc)
50 DVD+R 8x blank DVDs
2GB Pen Drive.
64 piece Targus CD/DVD Case
2 x CD/DVD pen.

I think that's a pretty good set of things to offer.

I would, as always appreciate your thoughts.
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bill mccallum bill mccallum is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Dorset
Posts: 472
I would always advise a new business owner NOT to try to compete on price.

You never want to start by cutting your profit margin before you start to make a profit and it leaves you no options if you have a potential customer who wants to place a large order.

Yes, try and keep prices at the same level as the copetition, but don't go lower.
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ash84 ash84 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 59
That's sound advice Bill. Thank you very much.
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