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Tax Return Online.

Hi all,

I started as self employed back in September/October 2008 time. I also work full time for a large company.

Do I need to complete a tax return for the current one?

As the TV ad says complete the online one by 31 january.

But, surely as ive only just started, i dont need to?
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shamrocker's Avatar shamrocker shamrocker is offline
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No, you will need to return one prior to Jan 31st 2010 for the period 2008/09.
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Re: Tax Return Online.

Originally posted by Superstevesaints
I started as self employed back in September/October 2008 time. I also work full time for a large company.
Presumably you have already registered with the Inland Revenue, in which case all the forms you will require should arrive in April
You then have about nine months to complete and return it

Personally, I download a copy from the website and fill that in as I go along
As each P11, P14 and P60 arrives I then amend the totals, most of these arrive between the end of April and middle of May
There is then a separate section for self-employment, but thankfully I only need to complete a few boxes now (I used to have to complete about six sections!)
Total time is about an hour
The tax refund is normally offered in way of a tax code change, however I include a cover letter that I would prefer a 50% tax refund and this is usually processed by the end of June along with the tax code change
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