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Ice Cream sales to restaurants


I posted on here when I was considering starting up my ice cream production business.

It's good to read the old predictions!

Anyway the summer went really well exceeding the predicted sales from my van, and building up a good local customer base.

Sales to restaurants were less as it took me three months longer to get the environmental health sign off to do so. Now I am happily supplying a couple of local pubs and restaurants but the growth is a lot slower than I would like. As I am relying posting information then cold calling. Then visiting with samples.

The trouble is this method usually end with a strait no. I have been talking with a lady who used to do marketing for Losley and she said the best way was just to get known. ie wait for sales.

So I'm here trying to pick everyones brains for any cleaver marketing ideas to increase my exposure in the pub restaurant sector.
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A local farmer near me, won some awards at a food show for his ice cream and has seen business increase greatly since.

Have you tried farmers markets? a stall could be a good outlet and expand the customer base.

Also have you approach the local smaller suppliers? my local pub uses some of the big boys for most things but smaller local suppliers for other items, ice cream being one.
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I would agree that one of the best ways to get sales is to get known- especially with this sort of product as people identify with premier brands- such as some of the ice creams. Getting things like awards is certainly a good way to increase profile and get some free PR to boot (keep an eye out next year for the return of the Shell Livewire Awards!). Certainly doing farmers markets, shows etc will help- especially locally. You need to work on the 'local food, local people' angle and highlight the need for local businesses to support each other etc

Also, try and get some features in Pub trade magazines or 'The Grocer' you'll need to come up with some good editorial about the product but the effort will pay off with increased exposure- you could offer to do a tasting with the staff to get your foot in the door!
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