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Business plan - sustainability...


I'm in the process of writing a business plan for a small confectionery/grocery store, and was looking for some advice on sustainability. It seems to me that businesses selling small, cheap items (like sweets!) ought to be least affected by the lull in consumer spending, but I don't know if this actually is the case?

If anyone knows, I'd be really grateful for the answer!
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Sales vary to a certain degree, however the trick is to adjust your shop accordingly

Over the last six months I have noticed a great shift from main brands to cheaper brands
You can either trim the main brands or operate a promotion with them, or even do both

I run between six and eight promotions typically for four weeks
The trick is to rotate them and never have too many

Best promotions are :
sandwich, crisps, 500ml juice, for £2.50
three standard chocolate bars £1
three premium chocolate bars £1.20
two 2L juice for £2

When preparing your sales forecast consider the turnover per square foot
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