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Marketing ideas please

Hi Everyone,

I am opening my own hair/beauty salon and trying to come up with advertising and promoting ideas that are a little out of the box to get people talking. Your ideas and suggestions will be much appreciated.
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blackwida's Avatar blackwida blackwida is offline
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You could possibly offer a themed evening launch party.

For example, it could be aimed at say movies e.g. a Mama Mia Makeover Party (Abba 70s theme), Girly Sleepover Party (like in Grease); how to be a Bond Girl, creating different looks like Eva Green

Probably, the most popular theme, would be around Sex and the City, creating 4 different looks, i.e Carrie, Charlotte and so on.... as an alternative to the usual night out.

Offer something like PJs for each client (i.e. sleepover), run DVDs/music (related to the theme), drinks (Cosmos of course for the Sex and the City theme!) and nibbles/popcorn or something, as well as an area showcasing and highlighting the products you sell and use to achieve the finished looks. Or perhaps incorporate a small fashion show with staff or models showing each look.

This can be offered on a smaller scale as you build up the business, e.g. offering a magazine makeover, highlighting a well known celebrity and offering a full package on achieving that look. Or perhaps getting a celebrity (or even lookalike) to get involved at the launch?

Your promotional materials/website can then be produced around these ideas. It could possibly be designed as an invitation, with options for customers to confirm attendance (so you can cope with the demand), hilight free cocktail and goody bag for each guest.

Samples of products as well as discount vouchers could be handed out in goody bags for each person attending, to attract them to the launch and back again after the event.

I guess the end result is trying to make it look professional and not tacky, but still very girly and a lot of fun!

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And for such events, don't forget to ensure you're mentioned in local papers!

If you're interested, we can put together a press release for 35

For businesses like this, handing out vouchers in your local area can be a great way of bringing in new clients- don't forget to collect as many contact details as possible. These will prove invaluable for future marketing.

You could run a day where you cut hair for free and ask for donations that you'll give to a local charity. Ethical, and a virtually guaranteed way to gain a feature in local publications.

Finally, try building some kind of relationship with local firms who plan hen nights or birthday parties. You could offer 'lock-ins' where a party of lovely ladies come in and have a complete makeover.
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