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Hi Everyone


Just thought i would drop a hello into the community with a bit of description of myself and where we are with this journey thats been kick started.

Currently and presently im 23 , studying part-time day release at uni and with a friend have been racking brains with for some ideas, these ideas im sure your all to familiar with..they normally start with the phrase "what if" and end with mutual silence, possibly "hmmm".

This time as all other times im sure we have struck gold , simply by the fact weve done the swot analysis and are still somewhat smiling, scratch that, beaming.

We are currently trying to find stats on our designated field , find out if there actually id a market for us out there! Found some but need to do more im thinking.

We are looking at this Derby Business Consultation programme that is coming up in March...has anyone been to one before? could they reccommend it at all? We are looking for advice on our product to see if this is worth the investment or if it is doomed to trip before the starter pistol has fired! We believe we are on the verge of something great.

We were wondering what the next steps were in getting advice...not necessarily about how to do the business plan , or p&L accounts but just to toss an idea around with someone experianced who wont steal the idea and could give us consructive advice?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks for you time!

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drop a line to me and i'll give you some pointers...
my site is down but cb at amvc dot co dot uk works.

i wouldnt put too much credence in statistics. i would also avoid too much originality. it costs more to sell as you have to explain as well as sell. always aim for "like... but with a twist"
Business angel/mentor.
Quick venture finance for startups.
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