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levista levista is offline
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idea for tv show

Hi all,
I have a few ideas for tv shows and am looking for advice on what to do with them. Ideally i'd like to sell the idea onto companies who would act on it and just collect some cash for the idea.

Who do I approach ? Production companies? How do I approach them? All advice would be very much appreciated!
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go4it go4it is offline
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Very difficult area, you need to be careful who you tell your idea to.

See Endemol created Big Brother, then based on the same type of format created a pop start contest called 'Star Academy' in France. Not long after, Pop Idol was 'created' in the UK. Soon after Pop Idol, the BBC hired Endemol to created a pop star contest, and they used the Star Academy format to create 'Fame Academy'.

Who who was first? Did anyone copy anyone?

Look at the recent quiz show 'Win My Wage' on Channel 4. Channel 5 had one called 'Payday' and I think BBC2 had one hosted by Donny Osmond.
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levista levista is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Jul 2006
Posts: 20

I appreciate all that, but its probably better to try and risk being ripped off than procrastinate and do nothing with my ideas (which i usually do!).

Can anyone give pointers on putting a best foot forward?
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