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Hi All,

I have an idea for a new kind of child safety product that I think would sell like hot cakes - I have searched the web and can find nobody selling this kind of product at all.

This product could be easily copied unless I could protect my idea with a patent or similar. Does anybody have any advice or experience in going through this process?

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You can register your patent at the Patent Office. Patents protect your invention for a maximum of 20 years. They are enforced by legal action and you can get damages and an injunction to stop further infringement.

For more information I would recommend ordering the free patent information pack that the Patent Office produces.

The Process:

The Cost:

The normal amount we charge to process a UK patent application is GBP 200.

It is free to apply for grant of a patent
* GBP 30 (application fee) for a preliminary examination
* GBP 100 for a search
* GBP 70 for a substantive examination


A typical patent application takes 2 to 3 years to grant, we can accelerate the procedure at the applicants request. There is a maximum time limit of 4 years from the application's earliest date.
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