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Business Credit Card

Hi, as i will be in business I will be using a business credit card. Can any one recommend a good card or bank they have been using?? I was with tesco when i was a sole trader and they were great- they gave loads of rewards (so if your a sole trader check them out- they do a great 2% off petrol ), but they dont do cc for limited companies. Any suggestions??
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moneyman's Avatar moneyman moneyman is offline
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Limited companies generally have to use their own bank's card as they are paid off in full every month.

There is no reason you cant have a personal card that you use exclusively for the business. It saves a lot of agro with guarantees etc and if you dont have the cash you can just pay a minimum.
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warkawa warkawa is offline
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To my mind, the ideal credit card you must look for, is one without any annual fee, as well with a low or 0% introductory interest rate.
As for most popular and reputable providers, you can choose one among : Bank of America, Citi, Amex.

Particularly the first one is more reliable. Anyhow it's my own opinion.
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