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Advice on couriers

Hi All,

Im just looking at various couriers and prices at the minute and I like the look of City Link (have also heard highly of them from people I know), but I'm not sure whether I'm right in assuimg that their Linkletter, Citypack and Citybag are ok for sending parcels in for next day delivery. Would I be right in assuming they would be fine as long as the package fit in the weight requirements?

Any help much appreciated. You can see the packaging I'm talking about at

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Hi Tyler. Hope your doing ok!

City Link are great. The sales rep was in seeing us last week and have made many improvements to there service.

I use a company called APC overnight. I find them a lot cheaper than City Link.

Kind regards

Andi McCann
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Hi guys

I use couriers quite a lot and particularly City Link. Can say that although their costs are relatively low, their customer service is very poor, particularly when goods are either not delivered or picked up, with very poor excuses given as to why? I think overall all couriers are the same though in terms of this.

Overall I've found it useful to have an account with a few rather than rely on one. Complaicancy is the main problem when sticking to just the one. Been using DHL recently and they've been great so far, especially for international dels.

Hope this helps.
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Its like banks, the costs vary, it just depends who is good locally and if you are on one of their rounds. If they dont have customers in your direction they have to calculate the whole cost but if it is just another 3 mins to pick up then it is easy work (cheap) for them.

They will try to fix you to a high rate so make sure you have a review after 3 months and keep reviewing. there are always companies looking to pick up "a couple of small guys to fill a milk run" so try several and be prepared to swap about.
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