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brandyou brandyou is offline
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Quick introduction!

hi All,

My name is Suzanne and I am the creative director of a small branding, marketing and website design & development business agency. I started Brand You in 2003 and we seem to be doing okay :-)

Brand You helps startups and small businesses in the UK make the most of their branding budget. We develop vibrant brands, websites that attract customers and clever promotional strategies that really work.

We also focus on human relationships, so if you want to work with real people instead of technical folk who hide behind computers, we might be a good option!

Personally, my background is in project management and graphic design. An interest in content management systems led me to create Brand You and I am committed to delivering solid solutions without cheating my customers on price or functionality.

I am originally South African, but now spend around 50% of my time in the UK and the rest either in South Africa or Austria. I love good food, white wines and roses, reading, dancing and scuba diving. I also love a good, contentious discussion, so if that's what appeals, I'm your girl!

Anyhoo, hope that gives an outline of me and my business.

Best wishes,

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shamrocker's Avatar shamrocker shamrocker is offline
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Welcome to the forum. I've had to remove the link to your website in accordance with forum rules and board usage: - more specifically, unwarranted self-promotion, which is not allowed.

Also, there is a dedicated thread for introductions from new members at the very top of the homepage. I will allow this post to stay up for half an hour, which should give you enough time to have read this and then post your introduction in the appropriate section, then I will have to remove this one unfortunately.

You're not the first to fall fowl of the rules, so I hope it doesn't deter you from becoming an active member for a long time to come.
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