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RichardJohn RichardJohn is offline
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Originally posted by Martin
One of those words again - Chance(s).

You hardly sound the voice of experience mate..
You're a ****.

Have you asked then?
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max99's Avatar max99 max99 is offline
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"And using a little common sense I can figure out how much possible profit margin a product has."

you've tempted me.

Come on then

Moneysupermarket use Endsleigh for car insurance. Whats their profit margin ? On an average sale ?

Reason why people don't always disclose exact amounts is that they don't want to, Plain and simple, Much like people don't tell everyone what salary they are on when they meet someone, you just expect it to be a certain amount for a certain job.

"You hardly sound the voice of experience mate.."

I've been in Affiliate Marketing for a year and half which isnt a long time, I don't know how long you have been in it but from what you say and not thinking that hidden tiers exist i doubt very long
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You have to speculate to accumulate
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MarkCo MarkCo is offline
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Interesting thread, I have considered adding a comparison section to but its just not so easy, its a hell of a lot of work to build, let alone maintain!

I would prefer to spend my time finding discount codes for my site users to save money on.

Now there is an option of combining both features, but i have noticed web users like to use sites that have one clear purpose and not confuse it by having too many features.

Don't try to be a jack of all trades and a master of non!
Mark Pearson
Angel Investor / Mentor
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