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mog mog is offline
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I need a bit of help regarding trademarks. We have an image we'd like to use on our necklabels and swingtags for our Tshirts shown below. I know we'll need to register this image as a trademark, and I know which catagory etc..but do we have to register the name Rubber Cheese as a trademark too?

If we did, the trademarked name could then be used for the graphic design side of the business as well, which would then save us registering a different image for that too.

Help me please before my brain melts!

Kelly Molson
Kelly Molson (Mog)
Rubber Cheese | Design | Illustration Flash Animations | Tshirts
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little_gray little_gray is offline
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I don't have a clue I'm afraid...but I have some bread that's screaming out for melted brains.
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Statler's Avatar Statler Statler is offline
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You might find the following of use:

Shell LiveWIRE Team
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