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Credit Accounts with Wholesalers

Does anybody know how to get out of this catch22 situation? Nearly all of my wholesalers offer credit accounts which is great - something i would like to take them up on. However, they all want two trade references that I already have a credit account with. But being a new startup business, I haven't any. Apart from one - a stationers which I use for office stationery etc.

What are the chances of my suppliers taking me on with just this reference?

Also, does anyone know what sort of reference the banks give out?
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Belinda Belinda is offline
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Hi Tweetie Pie,

I am a wholesaler and a relatively new business as well so I know it's is hard as a start-up. The best thing you can do is speak directly with the person who makes the decisions about credit accounts and explain your position. Most wholesalers will have rules when it comes to credit accounts but I would offer what you can and ask for the credit you need.

I would expect they would accept the reference from the stationers and if you can get one from your bank this would also help. I used a reference from my bank to assist when I applied to lease commercial premises, the bank was happy to help and the landlord accepted it.

Some may still say no but others may be willing to help, either way it never hurts to ask.

If you want any more info feel free to email me.

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