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Charity Bicycle Ride Website

Hi everyone,

I've recently put together a site for a friend who is doing a charity bicycle ride in India, just after some feedback on the site design,

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Nice design Greg. Colours go well, and header images are excellent - although maybe a smidge too tall?

There is a unnecessary closed </p> on each page I spotted when validating it (W3C) you might want to remove.

Not overly keen on the guest book running in an iframe, but if you have to, then I would increase the height some more as soon as you click on the 'sign the guest book' you have to start scrolling.

Apart from those minor comments - top job!
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: East Kent
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Thanks for those comments

I agree with the guestbook, may have to install a different one, that can be incorporated into the page. For now I will increase the height.

I was thinking the same thing when I looked at the site again today, after designing it yesterday the header does look a touch too tall... will take a look at reducing that slightly,

Thanks again
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