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Show advice

Hi everyone,

I am after some advice.

We have booked some space at the Essential Beauty and Body Show in April. We have a 2mx1m corner shell scheme but I donít really know what to do with it.

You see we normally attend craft and gift fairs where they give you a 6ft table and thatís it. But I really donít think that will be sufficient for the show.

Has anyone any advice how to layout our stand?

We are also a little worried about stock. They are expecting 6000 visitor so we are planning to buy some jewellery in but it will compliment our range. I hope that will be ok.

We are thinking of getting some postcards printed to give out and possibly some giveaway but that might be a little too expensive.

We might run a competition to collect data.

Any advice on the lay out or attend a show in general would be fab.

Thanks, Louise
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integreatmedia's Avatar integreatmedia integreatmedia is offline
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I think your ideas so far are along the right lines.

I would also consider using high posters and bright colours (if they fit with your company identity of course) to attract people from afar.

Having things people can buy, things people can take away to remind them of you (postcards), and things they can do (competition), covers most aspects.

Also, if you are on a budget (who isn't!) make sure anything you produce for that event can be used afterwards if you don't use them all.
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