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Incepto Incepto is offline
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: UK
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Selling on Amazon

I've never sold anything on Amazon before, but have just finished putting about 30 different books/CD's on to see how they go, and if it goes well, I have tonnes of things I can attempt to sell.

Does anyone else here sell on Amazon, and what's the chance of my things selling? (most are revision guides, college books, and a few fiction books. About half are 'low price' items).

Also, any tips for selling on Amazon?

ps. I think ebay should take a leaf out of Amazon's book and only charge once things have sold. Even though Amazon's listing prices arent very friendly, they are cheaper than ebay's and the process is so much easier.

Because of this, ebay has lost out on my custom- and therefore over £40 of charger is these things sell. I can only imagine how many other people have moved away from ebay because of this.
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gnu gnu is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 227
I have not sold on Amazon, but I have bought a lot from their resellers, have got some real bargains.

A much better experience than E-Bay, accurately described condition of books and better transaction handling.

I think Amazon try keep their sellers in line, E-Bay dont care about their customers and seem more than happy to cater for the needs of criminals.

I never used Ebay much and have stopped all together now due to blatent abuse by sellers. Its very difficult to get a dispute looked at properly.

I recently opened a dispute, the seller imediately gave me a refund automatically closing the dispute, then a couple of weeks later opened one against me for non payment..... when I left bad feedback he started hassling me to withdraw it or he would leave really bad (untrue) feedback abouit me, not a good experience.

Do you think you can contact Ebay about their disputes process is designed to keep human intervention to an absolute minimum to keep costs down.

If you know how to play the E-Bay game you really take the **** out of your customers.
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gwhaskew gwhaskew is offline
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 686
I completely agree with you about not charging unless the item is sold... the more I use eBay the more I dislike it.
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