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gibby1 gibby1 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Carrickfergus
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Business Name PC Repair


Im looking for a bit of advice. I am opening a Mobile PC Repair business and would like to call it "PC Doctor". Looking through there are 35 other places with the same name. The closest one is about 11 mile away but the same telephone area code.

1. Is there any legal restrictions with me using this?

2. Is there any way that I can make it so that only I can use it? (I think that the other business is a small time business.


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mattley23 mattley23 is offline
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Location: Shropshire
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I would find out if the name has been registered by visiting companies house. If it has then tough luck im afraid.
But to be honest if there is another company close to you called PC Doctor then I really wouldn't be wanting to call my business that!!??!?!
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BenZine BenZine is offline
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Hi Chris,

Take a look at It explains the whole topic of business names much better than I can. You can also check whether the name you intend to use is registered as a trademark by searching the Patent Office database.

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