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quality priniting

I've come up with an idea for a novelty/quirky business. I imagine it will bring me a possible supplimentary income rather than making me my first million.

As part of the package people would purchase they would receive a certificate and a picture which would be personalised with their name. Obviously I want these to look like good quality and professional.

To get this professional use would it be best to use a printers company, in which case, is this going to cause me problems with each certificate being personalised?
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damion's Avatar damion damion is offline
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I don't think there should be a problem with the printing side of things. I'm sure someone from a printers will have more on this subject, I'd guess they would need more info though.

Also you would have to look at getting a designer to design and come up with a certificate with the picture for it to look professional.

maybe if you could drop a few links of references of how the certificate may look with the picture.

Sorry but your venture just seems a little vague at the moment.

Hope this helps a little

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