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charlie_580 charlie_580 is offline
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Advice needed


I am a total novice, and would like to start selling personal computers, online with a view to opening a shop in the future.

My main questions are:

1. Are there any computer parts wholesalers about? and;

2. How easy/difficult is setting up an online shop?

At the minute I am buying parts from a well known company, at reasonable prices, but I was hoping to find a cheaper source, as I could lower my prices and (hopefully) be more competitive.

Any advice is gretly appreciated.

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openmind's Avatar openmind openmind is offline
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Have a look in comuter trade magazines such as Computer Mart I believe it's called for trade suppliers.

Online ones that I know of are THXTrade, Scan and Micro Direct.

As for the store element you may well be interested in an application we are launching in the new year:

It's essentially an online store application that you can modify to fit your design...
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iccomms iccomms is offline
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Phil with your shopping cart is it possible to add lots of additional options and additional services with products.

For example if I wanted to offer an 0845 number with an addon of voicemail2email and divert to specific places would this be possible?

Sorry to highjack the thread!
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globalart4u globalart4u is offline
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micro mart magawine has information
do a search on google for wholesalers
go direct to the manufacturers
check out prices from your competition
what added value can you give from your competitors
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