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MK Printing MK Printing is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Manchester
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Do you think this is a good idea?

Hello people

I am just wanting a bit of feedback regarding what I am doing with my website.

We are currently totally redesigning the site in both looks and content, we are also adding many more features to it over the next few weeks. What I really want to achieve is a website that is genuinely helpful and a great resource for small business, start ups and entrepreneurs alike.

I have spent the last two weeks writing the FAQs for the site (I know) and on each section there is going to be extensive information about the product, how to design it, what to put on it and even how to distribute it. As we do a lot of direct response marketing we want to share our information with our customers, we tell them how to produce a flyer that will bring in great results. We also tell people the common misconceptions and problems with flyers, like a consumer awareness guide.

I am just wanting to see if people think is a good idea? We really want to educate our customers on how to get the best from their products and how to make them really effective. We still offer express printing i.e. people come on the site with files and have them printed. But we want to offer advice on what to actually include on such things as business cards, letterheads and all of our products.

You may have seen posts on here and other board by me asking what you use certain products for. I have collated all this information so it can be shared amongst everyone who wants to read it.

I have done extensive research on tíinternet about how to design high performing printed products but without much luck. It seems that people will tell you how to design them in the design spec sense, but not what to actually put on them.

We are also going to offer a free service where you can contact us about your company and we will tell you what to put on the flyers etc and where to distribute them.

So please tell me if you think this is a good idea and that I havenít wasted the last two weeks.

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eimanshalash eimanshalash is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: London
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Nothing really is a waste as someone will benefit definately.

Also you're honing your skills and understanding at the same time.

I would say have a look at what a Tony Attwood does - he's a professional marketer and is the director of an educational marketing company called Hamilton House.

He does several things related to his business but includes offering a free yahoo groups service with people asking questions etc and getting responses through there specifically related to education marketing. He keeps me updated with respect to what's happening with Royal Mail, price increase/decrease etc.

He has developed numerous websites dedicated to all sorts of information for people to use as they wish.

For example below is a copy and paste of a part of his e-mail to do with all the websites he has along with their descriptions

Below are the web site references that deal with these issues, in case you would like to explore them. And I would like to say that once again I would be delighted if you would send me examples of terrible direct mail, so we can once again explore it on Bad Ad.

Good Ads - examples of adverts that follow the theory and laws

Bad Ads - example of those that do not - and where they fail

Mailing lists, available for immediate download on line - plus guidance and background

Email mailing lists - business lists

Solo mailing - the issues and factors involved in posting mail in the UK

The 100 Ways - this web site - the site that works backwards, taking traditional direct mail topics and then seeing how they relate to the Standard Theory and the Three Fundamental Laws.

Writing and designing direct mail to meet the demands of the Standard Theory of direct mail and accord with the three fundamental laws.

The Library - a collection of some of the most insightful articles in the practice of direct mail, its theory and practice.

"I spoke to my printer and he said it was rubbish". Why the Determinists don't like us.

Dirty tricks used in direct mail - what gives direct mail a bad name

The 3 Laws of Direct Mail the most fundamental elements of direct mail which affect everything else. Ignoring them turns good mail into junk mail.

Postal News - what Royal Mail is up to, and how their latest activities affect successful direct mail

Specialist educational sites

Selling to schools and parents - the starting point

Solo mailings to schools

Shared mailings to schools

Selling to parents

School books

Public relations when selling to schools

Educational tales and rumours - what people love to believe about direct mail but which is not true - the antithesis of the three laws

I'll e-mail you the actual information so you can click on the websites through that. I've got your e-mail addy so hopefully you'll receive it.

BTW his website is
Mrs Eiman Munro

Loop Card Games
"Making learning fun"
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MK Printing MK Printing is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Manchester
Posts: 543
Thanks for that and I will make this information available on my website too.

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Showgirl Showgirl is offline
Join Date: May 2005
Location: London
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I don't think it's a waste of time at all. The other day I was looking around for just that information and couldn't really find it. Also, content is good for the search engines and sets you apart from other printers as an expert in your field.
Urban Spirit
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MK Printing MK Printing is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Manchester
Posts: 543
Thanks Lola

I am nearly finished with the text, I don't dare sent it to my web designer as he is going to flip!

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Aled Aled is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 219
FAQ's are an excellent idea.

How about also setting up your own Forum for discussion.

Also how about a wiki on this specialised area. a rather large version of a wiki is its all user entered data.

Through that then builds up an online community and also more business
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