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Thanks alot for everyones replies!

Originally posted by damion

Was watching a CNN article when i was on holiday about how networking sites will have a greater impact as a networking tool once mobile internet device (mobile phones or whatever else gets develops) come more into play. E.g you might be in the pub and your phone can alert you if someone from your network is in the vicinity. Dunno if you should be spending some thought into where technology might change and how you can utilise it as you don't want to be two steps behind where things are going.
Intergration with mobile technolohgy is something that we have been working towards implimenting from day one, we have an agreement with a technology partner now to try and get some basic intergration in the near future and see how that goes.

Originally posted by cc123

what kind of advertising/marketing have youo been doing for the site ?
We never intended on marketing the site untill the non beta release, as i dont feel theres anyhting unique or special about the current version, the members we have at the moment have all come from word of mouth.

Originally posted by swoppershop

not sure about the flashchat, that one always bugs me, can you integrate digichat later on? I know the costs are high but its definately worth it, if you have the revenue.
We will be developing our own chat systems, rather than using 3rd party chat rooms, as there arnt any that do what we want to do ....

Originally posted by JustOneUK

i would also defiately keep the "sign-up image" you are currently using, perhaps put it down in the blank left space?

i really like that image..and it has a certain branding to it also.

That page just shows the style, so its not any specific page, there will be a register now image on there
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