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James Smith's Avatar James Smith James Smith is offline
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Young Entrepreneurship In Action

Now this reminded me of my youth!

Tomorrows entrepreneurs in action, although I think they are under pricing - I would pitch at about or just under the local sweet shop.

I once sold almost my entire Hornby train set at school piecemeal, although I didnt half get into trouble with my mother when she found the price list in my coat pocket. Thinking about it I vastly under priced that too. Common error with a new businesses, especially when you are only 12 years old.

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damion's Avatar damion damion is offline
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Fantastic, what a great business they've got going. Good luck to them.
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butterflysmile butterflysmile is offline
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Originally posted by musicman
haha my nine year old cousin does that, he goes to the wholesale with his mum and buys things like boxes of 20 packets of opal fruits etc and then sells them on..I was well proud when he and his mum were telling me!

"Opal Fruits" ...... ha ha that's what I still call them!!! Think the young-uns of today call them something different now!!

A beautiful collection of contemporary flower photography.
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stoop_uk stoop_uk is offline
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'Starburst', isn't it? They just don't taste the same.. just like when they changed 'Marathons' to 'Snickers'...
Stewart Priest
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Ken Ken is offline
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Re: Young Entrepreneurship In Action

Originally posted by James Smith
Now this reminded me of my youth!
very good
When I was about 7 or 8 I was allowed to set up a stall (well;a camping table actually) outside my dad's premises and sell all the freebie baseball caps,stickers and keyrings he brought back from trade fairs.
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