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dating websites ????

anybody run one? I have some questions, ...

are there any legalities governing the running of one?

are there any data protection issues?

or even security of people using the site, I assume a disclaimer would cover that?

thanks for anyone that can start the ball rolling...

oh yeh... anyone actually use these places...( or have in the past)

tnx... James.
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no, there are no governing bodies or laws you have to abide by before starting one, although it may be worth looking into joining the Association of British Introduction Agencies ( if that's what you will be and not just a website with potential dates on.

obivously if your storing personal details such as addresses etc... then you would have to register with the data protection act and take the appropriate options, but there is really no need to store such details.

a disclaimer, terms and conditions will be necessary for any business, it protects you from any 'unforseen' eventualities in the future.

Guidelines such as what to do and not what to do if you go on dates is just good practice and highly recommended.

A dating agency is probably one of the most simplist businesses to start up and I'm mean to 'start up' not to run
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