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gjinc gjinc is offline
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Business Banking

Hi, could anyone tell me the best business banking service in their view and what bank its with ?

Many Thanks
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damion's Avatar damion damion is offline
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I think this subject as popped up before. Maybe one of the mods could find you a link for the thread.

Or just have look through the threads at the top of the forum.
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sarahpatience sarahpatience is offline
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Depends on your requirements really, if you're business deals mainly in cheques and direct transfers from clients, and your happy with remote banking (ie online and telephone, rather than face to face in a branch) then I'd recommend Abbey. They offer free banking forever if you stick within their transaction guidelines.

If you deal with a lot of cash transactions or if you'd feel more comfortable paying money in over the counter at the branch rather than at the cash machine, then you'd be better off elsewhere. I believe most banks offer a period of free banking when you sign up, not sure who's the best, but I'm sure you'll get a few responses here, I'm happy with Abbey for the mo!

Or here's a couple of threads where this has previously been discussed:
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mattley23 mattley23 is offline
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I bank with Barclays for my business and although they may not be the best out there I have always found their customer service to be excellent which is what is most important to me.

On the other hand I can tell you who not to go with....HSBC! They are the worst bank I have EVER had the experience banking with (3 years business banking). The branch was pretty good (ish) but their internet and online telebanking was woe-fully bad.

I once called up to book an appointment with my local business manager and it took me 3 days, 12 phone calls (always promised to be called back, and hung up on several times) and alot of angry argumanets with stupid call centre folk to finally get an appointment!

What an utterly terrible bank, plus the tellers are closed on a weekend!!!

Rant over ;-)
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