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MK Printing MK Printing is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Manchester
Posts: 543
Looking for ethical businesses that I can pass my clients to

Good afternoon

As I am sure some of you will know I own Over the next few months MK Printing is going to grow as massive investments are currently being made. At MK Printing we go the extra mile every time with all of our clients and we are looking to extend our services that we currently offer.

I get asked many times over for reconditions for web designers, stickers, t-shirts, photographers, virtual PAs and many other things. So I have decided to start a referral scheme with people that allow me to pass on my customers to you. I will only be having 1-2 companies per business category i.e. web designers. I will also have to fully investigate your company and see testimonials and examples of your work to make sure you are able to work to our very high standards. If I am to recommend one of my clients to someone else, they have to perform with the same level of customer service and professionalism that MK Printing offers.

We work with many different markets including new businesses, painters, models, photographers, actors, music studios, designers, bands and solo artists, DJs and many more. We are currently setting up marketing campaigns to direct market to each of the target segments. When we target a specific market, I want to be able to recommend relevant businesses to them. For example if I am targeting bands, I will need photographers, web designers, t-shirt producers, sticker producers and recording studios.

I believe that we can form some strong working relationships with several other companies and we can get lots of work for each other. With these joint ventures we will be requiring either a set fee or a gross percentage for the work undertaken. This means that there is 0% risk or investment required. If we do not pass work to you, you dont pay us anything. We are going to be proactively approaching new businesses 5 days a week by phone, e-mail and press releases. We will be paying for all of this ourselves, not you. As you know ever new customer you get costs you in some way, through advertising etc. we are offering to pass you excellent prospects that are already 99% sold for you!

If you are in interested with getting involved with MK Printing then please e-mail me at and tell me about your company and what you can offer my customers. I will then visit your website and speak to your personally before setting up any agreements.

To get an idea of the lever of service MK Printing provide, please read some of our customer testimonials here

Have a good weekend

Matt, MK Printing
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Widgey's Avatar Widgey Widgey is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
Posts: 1,867
Will drop you an email in a mo and will attach a price list for printing cost (clothes), but my site hasn't been updated as this is a new service that my cousin has just started providing.

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seiretto seiretto is offline
Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 181
Hi Matt,

I have been trying all morning to see your website, without any luck. It just returns errors.

Anyhow, I would be inerested in referrals for to our reliable business web hosting and maybe we can come to some arrangement.

Let me know if you are interested.

All the best
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MK Printing MK Printing is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Manchester
Posts: 543
The website is now up again, I believe they were working on it this morning.

I have had lots of people contact me so far and I will get back to each of you. Please continue to contact me so we can start to pass lots of work to each other.


Matt, MK Printing
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