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f3nton f3nton is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
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Accepting the Euro

Just a quickly, is there any laws regarding accepting the euro in a retail environment.

An example, if someone wanted to by a product and pay cash (in euros) is there any regulations to stop me from doing this. Also whould this complicate my accounts.

I am quite happy to accept euros, as this situation may happen once in a blue moon, and i can use the euros to pay a supplier in ireland.

Would appricate any advice.


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creacom's Avatar creacom creacom is offline
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Hi Mathew

You are not obliged to acccept the Euro but thats great if you do.

You can choose to have a seperate float in Euros to give change or you can convert it into £ and give it like that.

See the following link for more advice :

Hope it helps

Jacqui ''
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f3nton f3nton is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 41

Thank you for your advice.

The customer paid by Visa which automaticlly converts the money to sterling for me.

I also checked with our bank and our account can accept euro notes (not coins though for some reason) which is handy to know.

Anyways thanks again
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