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ACN ACN is offline
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Somerset
Posts: 258
An idea - your thoughts please.

They say we all have at least one novel in us. Well i have the idea for mine and one day i will get around to it!

This idea is also based on writing a novel and i have a basic idea of how it could be set up. i thought that i would run it by the good folks on this forum to gauge interest or whether you lot think i am just plain bonkers LOL!!!

The novel would be web based and comnsist of a number (100 or so) of registered users writing around 500 -750 words. In this way a 50k - 75k word novel can be written quite quick.

This is how i see it happening:

I set up a web site that will invite one hundred or so interested people to register. I will write the first 500 words or so words and the first to register will write the next block, the second to register will write the one after and so on and so forth. Each writer will email me their part of the story - i would then update the site and the story - along with profiles of new characters, places etc. etc. to enable the following writers to be able to get facts correct. Each contributer would be able to take the story in the direction they want although there must be a beginning a middle and an end!

Subject matter would probably be a thriller/adventure with a bit of romance thrown in. The beauty of this idea is that anyone can get involved.

Once the story is finished it could then be made available as an e-book or Print On Demand.

Thoughts and views welcome but NO men in white coats please! or has this already been done?


I have a few more web based ideas but i will wait for the reaction to this one before i let on.

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shane74 shane74 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 505
We did something like this at school when I was 7 - yes a few years ago now. It was fun to do at the time but in all honesty it was a mess (yes I know 30 7 year olds are hardly likely to come up with a best seller). Now that I'm older I tend to write stories both long and short in my spare time as a hobby and what I like most about it is the fact I have full control over what happens. In fact before I start I make a detailed plan of plot developments, character profiles and all that and I stick by it. This may sound a bit snobby but I like to write intellectual and well planned out stories with twists and turns that are carefully done and make sense. Now with 100 authors doing one story it's very unlikely you'll get something to that effect as people will have their own visions for what happens - and this could leave people disappointed as it turns a different way and good idea's they came up with can't be used. It could be fun to do, but I can't see anybody taking it seriously and it'll end up farfetched, have plot holes the size of craters and readers won't know what the hell is going on.

Some may like it, but personally it's not for me
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fionabailey fionabailey is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 87
People do these stories as a game but I don't think the end result of a 100 person novel would be worth reading.
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openmind's Avatar openmind openmind is offline
Join Date: May 2004
Location: In front of my computer
Posts: 3,476
I think it was Stephen King that once did just this. Worked for him if I recall so it could work for you...
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urban1 urban1 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 128
It would probably depend on how dedicated the 100 contributors are to the project. The first few contributors would have an easier job than the last. They would have far more reading to do and not as much flexibility in terms of characters and plot etc.

The other issue might be the structure of the story. I can see that without some sort of structure in place it could easily get messy.

It does however sound like an interesting project. Good luck.
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Copywriter Copywriter is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Scotland
Posts: 30
It's an interesting idea, and one which I think could spark a lot of interest.

My main question would be what's in it for the writers? Are you planning to pay them, or will you be expecting them to contribute their work for free? If you're hoping to make a profit from it yourself (i.e. by selling it as an ebook or print on demand) then I assume you'll be paying the writers: if not, you will have to work out some other means of securring sole copyright for their work. A book authored by 100 different writers could turn into a legal minefield unless they're willing to sign something to say that they're handing over copyright to you, and will not reprint their contributions elsewhere.

Other than that, I do think it sounds like a fun idea, and I'll be interested to see the website if you go ahead with it

freelance journalist and copywriter
A professional copywriting service for small businesses.
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Mike_w Mike_w is offline
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 5
how will you make money from it?

Why would people want to contribute their writing skills?

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ACN ACN is offline
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Somerset
Posts: 258
Thanks for the replies. Income wasn't my initial starting point.

The idea of writing a book, or more presise being involved in the writing of a book was the starting point.
I haven't got the time to write a full blown book and i thought perhaps others haven't either. Only needing to write a short (500-750) words wouldn't take too much time although i agree that those writing towards the end of the book would have perhaps a harder job. Perhaps having 100 writers involved is too many. A structure would need to be agreed before hand as the general storyline, the writers would then 'flesh' out the story.
Anyone being involved would initially do it for the 'fun' of it. They wouldn't have to be writers per se but people who would enjoy having a go.
Perhaps with the right PR and the right exposure it could become something else that would attract outside interest. (although at the moment my brain refuses to work through this part of the idea).

The idea is in the very early stages and i was just interested in seeing any reaction.



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