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"My First Website" - Invest some time....

I've been noticing lately the amount of people choosing prebuilt website services like Piczo, MySpace and Google Page Creator as a basis for their business' first website, and it makes me ill to think about it.

I'm no marketing expert but I can't help but think that choosing this as an option is a straight up fault in the early stages of your business, especially when youre establishing something as important as your web presence. The phrase "start as you mean to go on" comes to mind.

Now without getting into a argument about the pro's, con's and benefits of these sites I think it safe to say that they're pretty ****, and really meant for nothing more than 'social networking' and personal homepages. The code is difficult to work with, their is little to no SEO and the ad's that appear on you site detract from whatever it is your selling/promoting, but then lets face it they weren't designed with business in mind.

Now I know people are on a budget, and that hiring a website designer to knock together a 500+ website is out of most peoples reach in the early or test marketing days, but if you do a little bit research you'll find it doesn't need to cost a bomb. Look at it like this:

The foundations of a website -

Hosting = 29.50 (8.95 p/quarter)
Domain = 5 - 8 p/year
Design = free

Total= 37.50(ish) per year for a website or there about depending or where you go for you hosting and domains.

Free design?.....look at the options.


My favourite is Wordpress. Literally thousands of free and sponsored templates to fit every kind of business imaginable, an easy to use comprehensive backend (including the ability to edit templates, so no need for any software) and free online support via the forums. What more could you want? By far one of the easiest systems around to set up as CMS (you can even drop the blog aspect you if must) and with the right amount of time invested super professional looking results.

You need extras? Wordpress has one of the best SEO plugins around, free comprehensive stat tracking via Google or, image gallery plugins, e-store plugins, contact forms, signup forms, client areas, promotion plugins....need I go on?

If your not sure about the tech side of things then Google it, there are more Wordpress tutorials and help sites out there then you could ever ever hope to read, and some of them will show you how to get your blog up and running in minutes, and if your nice to you website hosting people they might even install Wordpress for you for free.

CSS/HTML Templates

If you're feeling a little bit more adventurous give Free CSS Templates a blast. There are thousands of sites again with free and sponsored themes and templates that include all the code and images you could ever need. Some of the better ones will even throw in the Photoshop files and install instructions to help you along your way, and again invest the time and you'll get exactly the results you want.

And again (as with Wordpress) if your're a seasoned Google user should be able to hunt down a barrage of tutorials and scripts for e-commerce, SEO and all the bells and whistles a website could need. Sorted!

Just invest your time better...

It's all about spending a little of your time making sure your website is on top form and something that you can proud of point people in the direction of. It might only take you 30 minutes to use a page builder but by the time you've faffed on hacking code to pieces to create a website that doesn't look, (even though it blatantly does) like it was made by a thirteen year old, hashed together a domain and stressed over whether '' or '' will put people off (which believe me it will), you could have spent a couple of hour or two learning some CSS/HTML basics, installing Wordpress or your chosen CSS template, an hour or so on some basic design and rest of the time getting on with actually doing some business.

...and please please please stop using Piczo, MySpace, Google Page Creator and all those other website builders.
North East Based Graphic & Website Design
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