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Your Thoughts

Right, my new sites been open a month and we have nearly 4500 members already and we have begun working on the non beta release.

One of the features that came up in a meeting i had with some of the other people involved was corporate profiles.

This would allow businesses to sign up and set up a profile about their well as do a few other things, here are some of the modules we currently have planned should company profiles go ahead:

Allowing users to sell products and services via our website (facevault would then take a small % off the sale price to cover costs etc and make money)

This will allow companies to post up their current job vacancies with possibilities of allowing users to apply via the site as well

There would also be the modules that would be open to all profile types, such as blogs etc.

Profiles are also css (Div) based so the profile could exactly match the corporate branding of the company.

The main reason for the corporate profiles would be to then incorporate a product and services search into the browse section of the website, allowing users to find products and services they are interested in, and giving the companies that have profiles extra potential sale leads as well!.

All companies, products etc would be verified before going up on the site.

What are your thoughts?, would you use a profile if it was free?...would you pay for a profile? if you knew 100's and in the future 1000's of people would be using the product search on the website.

are there any other things that you think company profiles should have?..

Thanks in advance for your comments
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