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Looking for 'marketing wiz'!

Just throwing this out there...

I recently launched a website that has been under development for a long time.
One of the main customers for the site at the moment is local businesses, small traders...
reception has been very good so far, income coming in daily and looking good for the future.

However, in the time spent talking with local customers, and figuring out which elements of the site are turning out to be the 'sales points', and which are just nice ideas of mine.. I have stumbled across something that my site does that is very interesting!

I cant say much here at the moment as I dont want to put the idea out there publicly yet!

I do know that the 'service' does have a very unique selling point, that so far is being very very well received by anyone Im talking to who is looking for any sort of 'up to date exposure/marketing'.

My current site is focused on local communities, but the new 'product' would be focused on individuals world wide, so an open market base.

This has come as a 'by product' of my current work, has incredibly low overheads, is 100% scalable and has potential to be something very 'catchy'.

I would like to talk with anyone who may be interested in helping with marketing.
This would be in return for shares in the company tbc
At the moment, it would be a non paid position until things move on.

If anyone may be interested in looking at this further, please let me know.
Im looking for someone who can really PUSH the marketing side of this while I work the technical side.
The product itself is built to be 'virally marketed' as it links in with over 300 social networks tapping into the online community. This opens up many ways to market the product and eventually will create its own marketing.

So, IF you are a wiz at marketing and could be interested, let me know.
I will then follow through with individuals who may respond!

In all honesty, this does have massive potential. The 'product/service' is 90% developed already as its a 'by-product' of something Ive spent 2 years on...

Sorry to be so vague, Im not able to print details here!

Hope to hear from some marketing wiz!
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