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mattstreet mattstreet is offline
Join Date: Sep 2002
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Message for the Web Designers Out There!

Hi Everyone

This is a message to the Web Designers out there to see if they can help me out at all.
Not sure if the following is possible or not!!

I run the Website Portal for Southend at

I am trying to find a way where I can offer
Hotels/Bed and Breakfast/Restaurants and other bookable businesses in Southend the chance to have their own simple and cheap website.
I will offer them their own website domain where all they need to do is promote it as I am trying to increase the awareness of 2cSouthend in the Local Community.

I will create them a logo for their business and add a couple of pictures so as to make it look professional
What I need some help with is an online bookable interface where the visitors on their website can view what availabilities they have in the future.
I know this may be complicated, as the hotels will have different types of rooms (i.e. doubles/en suites etc), the restaurants will have numerous tables (i.e. the amount of people that can sit at a table, some may be 4 seater, some may be 8 seater!)

Is this possible do you think to display this type of information, would I be looking at an expensive type of database to carry this out?

I hope the above isn't too confusing
Matt Street
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Designr's Avatar Designr Designr is offline
Join Date: May 2002
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Hi Matt. A few of our clients/ feeelancers may be able to help you with your web needs. If you send me an email: I can then forward you there details/ site URL's.

Design R Web Solutions
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Rachael Rachael is offline
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: South Wales
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check out the above post by kudios web they are really good and cheap too!!
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kris_leeds's Avatar kris_leeds kris_leeds is offline
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Location: Doncaster, Yorkshire
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Matt, can you email me some more information?

This sounds like a very interesting project, and is not as hard or expensive to setup as most people might think.
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