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ashley123 ashley123 is offline
Starting Out
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Trademark Help

Hey everyone,

i've searched to find some previous topics about trademarks, and im fully aware on how they can help you when you start a business, i have a word in mind that i want to protect as much as i can, but with new startups money is a big issue, and im very restricted ...

i've gone for 2 goods/service marks, 35 and 28

However, i want to register these without a logo and in plain text. i wanted to know what kind of complications if any i would be likely to recieve if anyone has an idea... and maybe some links to some useful websites regarding this, i've searched all the trademarks regarding the word, and nothing comes close, if some do have similar trademarks they have a logo attached would this still cause a problem? i suspect it would be irrelevant .... but im not sure.
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sportsfan sportsfan is offline
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Hi there

As you say it doesnt matter if its just a text trademark, with or without a logo.
If I understand you right, and its a just a single word you wish to register be careful that your trademark is not "deviod of any distinctive character" Single words often are not percieved to be a trademark by the average consumer as an indication of origin.
In laymans terms this means that your word has to be pretty much unique.
Of course it depends on what your trademark is, but I thought i would let you know some of the difficulties with single words.
I hope that helps somewhat.
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